Shocking photo: Has Zsófi Szabó not completely separated from Shane Tusup yet?

Ripos noticed something shocking Zsófi Szabo in his recent photo, which was taken at an award ceremony on Thursday evening. The presenter’s right arm is still decorated with the tattoo that can be interpreted as a pledge of love Shane Tusuppal made me do it. As is well known, the relationship between Zsófi and the vehement natured swimming coach started out as a fairy tale, seasoned with a romantic request for a girl in Monaco, but it ended up being a stormy and extremely painful breakup, precisely last May.

Photo: László Szabolcs / Bors

The fairy tale soon ended

Zsófi did not speak on the subject for a long time, so few people, only those really close to her, could know what exactly happened between the two celebrities and what might be going on in the soul of the pretty TV.

He gave his first moving interview to a monthly women’s magazine. From his words, it became clear that he went through an extremely difficult period, of which he could show practically nothing to the outside.

From the point of view of my personal life, this past period was very difficult, because I haven’t shown it to the outside for years when I encountered difficulties. Social media is only a part of my life that I show, since the most important role in my life, what kind of mother I am, is only known to my close relatives. they see For the past few years, I’ve been communicating with emojis. Many times I wrote a long post, whether it was about raising children, motherhood, relationships, or career, or even about what was happening in the world, but then I preferred to delete it. I consciously hold back all my expressions, I don’t want any extra fuss. In relation to breaking off the engagement, for example, I would have liked to write that yes, I am smiling in the picture, I look good, but I am not well – he confessed then honestly.

The tattoo on Zsófi Szabó’s left arm is clearly visible (Photo: László Szabolcs / Bors)

It’s fiddly to remove the roof

We consider it almost impossible that he did not remove the love symbol for financial reasons, although it is true that removing a tattoo is a bit spicy and quite fiddly. After a little research, it is known that the removal of a small motif costs HUF 10,000 per occasion, and must be calculated at least 8-10 times. Still, we don’t think that’s why Zsófi didn’t take the love pledge.

But then why not?