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Shocking reports about Éva Ruttkai: the informing agent was a famous director – Hungarian star

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In early June, Blikk wrote about it About Éva Ruttkai written, startling reports were published. The Kossuth and two-time Jászai Mari Prize-winning actress was reported in the summer of 1961 by an informant under the pseudonym “Jenei”.

Sixty years later, the document was published in the Historical Archives of State Security Organizations.

Eva Ruttkai was reported by a famous director

The agent wrote that Ruttkai and the actor’s husband, Miklós Gábor, were dissatisfied, materialistic, more and more bitter when he accompanied them to the Kurfürstendammon in West Berlin, the actress burst into tears in front of a shop selling special western umbrellas.

Actress Éva Ruttkai in 1966 in her home.

Photo: Fortepan / Antal Kotnyek

They are constantly struggling with financial problems and complain everywhere about how unpaid they are.

– stands in Jenei’s report, who thought the actress wasn’t really happy with the Kossuth Prize either. He explained to him that this no longer excites him and envies Audrey Hepburn because he does not get 35 thousand forints for a prize. He discussed the couple’s broken marriage and believed it would have a disruptive effect on the young people, many of whom looked up to them.

András Gervai also quoted a document in his book, “Socialism,” according to the historian, the sound and style of quite a few of the director’s reports and how much he hated and envied those he wrote about were shocking.

The article continues after the recommender

The daily also wrote that Gervai had unveiled the agent: the Kossuth Prize-winning film director Félix Máriássy, who died in 1975, was behind the pseudonym Jenei, who starred the actress in A Picnic Light, and the marriage of Katalin Kiss, he was also featured in the works of the Budapest Spring and the Red Letter Ordinary.

Blikk asked Gyula Bodrogi, who also worked with Ruttka and Máriássy. He never thought he was an agent, Máriássy was shocked by the fact that the profession loved the director, they only said good things about him, and he listened in chill to the fact that there was also a report about Éva Ruttkai.

“Eve was a fairy-tale personality, a real actress, at most her rivals, her envy talked about her ugly,” the 87-year-old legend said.

Daughter of Éva Ruttkai and Miklós Gábor

The daughter of Júlia Gábor, two legendary actors: actress Éva Ruttkai and daughter of actor Miklós Gábor, was born in 1953. His mother fell in love with Zoltán Latinovits in 1960, and Miklós Gábor found a new partner in the person of the young actress, Éva Vass, so the child Júlia Gábor’s wider family grew with even more famous actors.


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