Shocking. The girl was killed. Mok Pa. People remember being an AV star who were supposed to be killed while filming an underground movie.

The local Japanese news agency reported the shocking incident. After officials found the body of a naked woman tied to a tree Under a cliff in the forest, Ibaraki Prefecture, from the proof that The corpse was Miss Rina 23 years old, a native of Tokyo Who disappeared since June 5 before being found as a naked body on June 18, the state of the body when found Broken bone at the base of the tongue This can happen from being strangled. But there is no conclusive cause of death.

Back on June 14, the police made an arrest. Mr. Hiroyuki, 33 years old male office worker on charges of detaining a young woman in a villa in Ibaraki prefecture involved in Rina’s disappearance. From the investigation found that Hiroyuki Parina boarded her car to her family’s vacation home in Ibaraki Prefecture, before Rina could no longer be contacted. and found the female body in the forest

From the police investigation, it was found Photos in the cell phone of the accused It is a picture of Rina being handcuffed. Rina’s phone was also found in Hiroyuki’s house. and from checking the route of the car that Hiroyuki drives was found driving into the forest where the body was found

According to local media reports, Rina is a model, photo shoot, and has a certain social media reputation. while netizens who saw Rina’s picture in the news remembered that She has a career in amateur AV movies, so there was an assumption that Could Rina be killed while being hired to shoot an underground AV movie by Hiroyuki? Currently, the investigation is still ongoing.