Shocking video: a man in a parachute was attacked by a shark

Rosary3 |

19-03-2023 10:45

A 37-year-old tourist was ambushed by a shark while enjoying water sports with a friend at the luxury holiday resort of Aqaba, Jordan. The Jordanian man was strapped to a brightly colored parachute when he suddenly began skimming the ocean.

Footage shows the tandem paraglider hovering dangerously close to the water when a shark surfaces and bites his leg. Miraculously he managed not to be swept into the sea, but he was brutally bitten and suffered serious injuries.

He was rushed to Prince Hashem Military Hospital in stable condition, but he was forced to undergo surgery.

A man in a parachute was attacked by a shark

The man also suffered several fractures during the ordeal which left locals stunned. Although it is not clear what type of shark was responsible for the attackexperts said that its presence on the coast of Aqaba is rare.

The city is rich in marine life, including white-tip reef sharks, which have been known to attack humans in the area on occasion.

Mohammad Qatawneh of the Aqaba International Diving Center assured people that shark attacks in the Gulf of Aqaba are not common. Speaking to Jordan News, said: “The shark attack attracted a lot of media attention. To tell the truth, scared a lot of peopleBut this is something that can happen anywhere.”