Shocking what Emilio did, his daughter burst into tears – Photo! – Metropol

He took a big step Emiliowho decided to get rid of her iconic facial hair.

The big moment, when the singer grabbed his razor, his wife, Tina and daughter Vivike also recorded. But the singer’s daughter burst into tears as she saw her father’s hairless face.

Emilio got rid of his beard after 23 years (Photo: Welcome to the Family!)

“I always had a beard for 23 years. The fact that my face was completely smooth, hairless hadn’t happened so much lately that not even Tina had seen it that way. But now the moment has come. Vivi was very cute, she cried. As I shaved more and more, tears began to escape his eyes. In the end, she was crying so much that I had to stop shaving and reassure her that I would still be the same man, her father, who loves her. ” Said Salvation in the Family! in the show Emilio, whose wife was amazed when he saw the end result.

Vivi cried herself, she had never seen her father without a beard (Photo: Welcome to the Family!)

“Vivi has a hard time getting used to the fact that her father will be without a beard from now on. He said he always only saw his father with it, very strange to him. Then, of course, she reconciled with her new look, Emilio hugged her, and she accepted that this was only a temporary condition. I was shocked by the change too, I was amazed at how much Emilio got younger like that. I think it looks very good without a beard, but the fact is, the real Emilio ” Tina added.

Emilio reassured her little girl (Photo: Welcome to the Family!)