Shoes off, pants up and off to the Sulzburg water treading pool – Sulzburg

Kneipp therapy is wonderful again in the Sulzburg Forest: the season has started and the water treading pool is like new. An insurance company paid for the long-awaited renovation for a good 10,000 euros.

It’s warm like summer, a man and a woman are sitting at the edge of the pool and dangling their legs in the water. They often ride their bikes from Heitersheim up to the Sulzburg water treading point, the woman explains: “The forest, the peace and quiet, that’s where you ride down.” A breeze blows through the tall trees, the sun is shining, the Kneipp season has begun.

Shoes off, pants up and let’s go: the water is refreshing and not cold at all, even though it comes from the mountain stream. The pool is a good length and has a pleasant surface, even all around. It can now also be easily cleaned of slippery algae, explains Sulzburg’s mayor Dirk Blens when visiting the site right next to the bathing area with a kiosk. Because the pool has been thoroughly renovated.

Waldhotel belonged to the insurance group for around 100 years

Prior to this, City Hall had thought about it for years and, according to Blens, had spoken to companies several times about various restructuring options. Green stuff and dirt kept making the pool slippery and often dangerous for visitors. Eventually, Signal Iduna stepped in: The insurance company from Dortmund paid for the renovation in full: straighten the inlet and outlet valves, repair the water level connector, coat the pool and walkway, paint the railings and install an additional handrail on the stairs – costs 10,500 euros. “We’re extremely grateful,” says Blens. The mayor sees the commitment as a sign of solidarity with Sulzburg.

Initiation for die-hards

The insurance company based in Dortmund has owned the Waldhotel at the end of the Sulzbach valley for around 100 years. It was sold in 2018. But Signal Iduna still organizes its annual retreats in Bad Sulzburg. And CEO Ulrich Leitermann celebrated the official inauguration of the completely renovated pool with Dirk Blens last October – literally: the two tough guys tread water, even though it was quite cold. Health insurance is also part of the Signal Iduna Group. And treading water is said to promote health, first get the circulation and veins going and then support sleep. Hydrotherapy was founded by Sebastian Kneipp. Incidentally, the Sulzburg Kneipp pool was renovated in the 200th year of its birth.