The same sentence was required by the prosecution, it was followed by the assize court of Essonne. On Thursday, 13 September, the court rendered its decision and sentenced Abdelhakim Dekhar, better known as "Shooter of Libé" to 25 years of criminal imprisonment, as the first instance.

In 2013, Abdelhakim Dekhar had scared Paris and its surroundings, armed with a shotgun. His journey had led him from BFMTV to Société Générale de La Défense, via Release, where he had seriously injured a photographer assistant. After five days of stalkingthe police had found him in a car, filled with medicine he had just eaten.

Did this 52 year old man really want to kill? Certainly for the Advocate General, Jean-Christophe Crocq. He portrayed it in "awkward guerrilla", clumsy with his weapon at BFMTV, which aims poorly at La Défense, where his shots sieve the facade of Societe Generale.

I never wanted to kill anyone

In the first instance, Abdelhakim Dekhar was convicted of assassination attempts only on Philippe Antoine, a BFMTV journalist, and César Sébastien, the wounded photographer's assistant in Libération. Mr Crocq claimed to widen his guilt, finding that the accused also attempted to assassinate a BFM vigil and two Société Générale employees.

"I never wanted to kill or hurt anyone," swore Mr. Dekhar. AT Releasehe had reached Caesar Sebastian in the back with a boar ammunition, according to ballistic expertise.

His lawyers fed the doubt. Yes, he wanted to do a bad thing. But "unless you have a crystal ball, no one can say" murderous intention, according to them. At BFM, unable to see via CCTV if his finger is on the trigger, they argued. In front of the bank, he "raises the barrel of his weapon" when shooting, according to witnesses.

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