Shop for your mortgage with a mortgage broker

For a new mortgage or the acquisition of any type of property, it is relevant to seek the advice of a broker. Many advantages apply to their service, however it is not always easy to select an agent. Find out more about it in this article.

The usefulness of mortgage brokers

A mortgage broker’s job is to help clients find an appropriate mortgage loan based on their buying goals. They serve as intermediaries between customers and financial institutions, representing more than one financial institution rather than just one such as a banker.

Broker advantage

Many buyers and homeowners tend to go to their bank for a mortgage. By meeting with a real estate broker, you have the opportunity to select offers and products from a large number of banks or private mortgage lenders. By comparing bank rates, you can find the best mortgage rates.

Consulting a mortgage broker has several advantages:

  • You are guided by an independent bank expert
  • You get competitive offers
  • You have peace of mind for the administrative steps
  • You save money and time by finding the best interest rate available on the market

Mortgage brokers in Quebec offer their services and assistance free of charge to buyers and owners. They are paid through commissions from banks. Despite this, brokers remain impartial and offer greater access to products from all lenders depending on the client’s situation.

Their compensation is based on sales commissions, and their efforts may have helped you earn a lower interest rate from the bank.

How to choose a broker

A relationship worth gold

When looking for real estate, it is important to note that you may spend a lot of time with the broker you have chosen. As this is a transaction that can have an emotional weight, it is recommended to establish a solid foundation of trust from the start.

Find through your network

Ask your friends and colleagues to recommend a broker to you. They can direct you to a reliable source. Bank advisers also have a network of contacts. They can also help you find a professional in your area to make your life easier.

Ask him

When considering using a broker, find out about their specialties, experience and trading statistics. There is no harm in meeting several brokers to find the one that meets your expectations. Make sure the broker understands your goals when buying a home.

Discuss the commission for the sale of your property

Commission amounts for sales can be negotiated prior to the sale. This trading is not guaranteed, but some brokers offer it. Banners often set a minimum threshold for commissions. It is important to choose a reliable professional with a solid network rather than focusing solely on the cost of commissions.


Working with a mortgage broker can have advantages when acquiring a property or buying your home. They can offer advice and present several mortgage product options to help make an informed decision. To get help from a mortgage broker, visit our website: