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Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?

Chances are, you are not. Too often, our natural talents are unused. From cradle to cabin, we spend more time remedying our shortcomings than developing our strengths.

To help people discover their talents, Gallup launched the first version of its StrengthsFinder online assessment in 2001, which inspired a global conversation and helped millions discover their five best talents.

In his latest national bestseller Starch Finder 2.0Gallup introduces the new and improved version of its popular rating, 34-theme language, and more (see below for details). While you can read this book in one session, you will use it as a reference for decades.

With hundreds of strategies to apply your strengths, this new book and its associated website will change your view of yourself and your environment forever.

Exclusively available in Starch Finder 2.0:
(with the unique access code that accompanies each book)

* A new and updated edition of the StrengthsFinder rating
* A personalized starter and action planning guide that will allow you to apply your strengths next week, next month, and next year
* A more specific version of your Top 5 topic report
* 50 ideas to action (10 strategies to build on each of your top five topics)
A personalized Strengths Discovery and Action Planning Guide
50 ideas to action (10 strategies to build on each of your top five topics)
A more individualized version of your Top 5 topic report


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