Shopping tourism: fewer Swiss people shop in Germany

July 21, 2021, 3:40 p.m.

Zurich (dpa) Despite the lifting of all border restrictions, significantly fewer Swiss people shop in German shops near the border. This is the conclusion of the Credit Suisse bank in an analysis. The bank reported on Wednesday that shopping tourism is still 28 percent below the value before the corona pandemic. At the end of June, Germany was the cheapest of the neighboring countries for the Swiss: for a typical shopping cart, which mainly contains food and clothing, you paid 48 percent less in Germany, 42 percent in Italy and 40 percent less in France than in Switzerland.

Border crossing to Switzerland

A place-name sign says border crossing.

The bank evaluated sales with debit cards. Around a fifth of all purchases in Switzerland are paid for with it. The bank assumes that there is no difference in use at home and abroad. She also points out that because of the Corona crisis, fewer people are paying with cash and are more likely to use debit or credit cards.

In terms of sales, Germany is the most important shopping tourism country for the Swiss with 42 percent of all spending. Because of the comparatively high domestic prices, people who live near the border also shop in Italy and France and, to a small extent, in Austria.

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