Shot in the head in Krefeld – investigations are ongoing

Krefeld (dpa) – In the center of Krefeld (North Rhine-Westphalia), a man was shot dead on the street on Monday evening. “We are investigating all conceivable criminal hypotheses and actually only rule out that the man could have been a random victim,” said senior public prosecutor Axel Stahl on Tuesday when asked by the dpa. Homicide is looking for two men.

Witnesses heard several shots around 7:50 p.m. and saw two men running away in the dark, investigators said on Tuesday. A shot hit the victim in the head. His body was lying on the sidewalk after the crime. She will now be autopsied, it said. The Albanian has lived in Germany for four years.

A police spokesman said the 42-year-old man was known to police for drug and property crimes. However, he is said not to have been a “big number” in the drug business, but rather a small dealer who had also consumed drugs himself, dpa learned from investigators.

The day after, bullet holes were found on a mailbox and an intercom on a house facade at the scene of the crime. Around 30 riot police officers searched for the murder weapon under parked cars, in parks and on a railway embankment. Homicide officers questioned residents on the street.

It was initially unclear whether the victim was on a bicycle at the time of the crime. “There was a wheel lying around at the crime scene, but it’s also possible that someone just knocked it over,” it said.