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iPhone » New York Minute Shot on iPhone 13 Pro shows the many facets of New York City

In the Shot on iPhone 13 Pro video “New York Minute”, “The Broke Filmmaker” shows us his hometown New York City from different angles.

The city that never sleeps is shown in unique images.

New York City im Fokus

In the Shot on iPhone 13 Pro video “New York Minute” we see the metropolis of New York, which “The Broke Filmmaker” captured in multi-faceted images with his iPhone. The intro begins with a night view of the pulsating city, in which the video creator looks at it and gives us different impressions.

Cheering people clap a breakdancer, the Brooklyn Bridge is presented and we see New York in the fog. He takes us on a ride on the subway and has put birds on his video.

The short video was rounded off with a helicopter flight with a view of the Statue of Liberty and a flyover over the city. During the flight we can admire the whole size of the popular tourist magnet. In the end, he presents us with New York at night with its glittering lights and a glowing skyline.

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