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Original title: Shougang’s execution won the coach’s appreciation Xie Libin: small foreign aid is finally in place

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Beijing time on October 18th news, in today’s 2022-2023 CBA regular season game, Beijing Shougang defeated Suzhou Kendia 95-82. After the game, Beijing Shougang coach Xie Libin praised the team for its strong execution.

“First of all, welcome the small foreign aid to finally arrive, it is really not easy, the waiting time is very long.” Xie Libin said after the game: “Today’s game everyone’s defensive execution is very strong, especially good, forcing the opponent. 25 turnovers can really reflect everyone’s attitude, our team is good at defense, if everyone plays with this attitude, we still have room for improvement in both defense and offense.”

Xie Libin also said that there will be five games in the next ten days, so everyone should be fully prepared and more difficult to prepare, one game at a time. “Our team is not more offensive, it is everyone’s defensive attitude.” Xie Libin said.

In fact, there were some problems with Beijing Shougang’s defense in the second quarter of the game, allowing the opponent to score 27 points in a single quarter, but after the summary and arrangement of the midfield, the team solved this problem in the second half.

Johnson, a new aid from Beijing, made his debut today and scored 6 points, 5 assists and 4 steals in 20 minutes of playing time. Xie Libin also affirmed his performance. “Johnson can help the team a lot in offense and defense. He meets the team’s needs for point guards. He has his own characteristics in defense and offense, and can drive the team very well.” Xie Libin said: “At present, from his physical In terms of the situation and the understanding of the team, it will take time to get used to it.”

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