Should fire teacher after Pride statements

– This is not about political disagreement. Several of the things Anders Noreng has stated are legitimate political opinions. This is the way these opinions are presented together with prejudice being the problem, says Aleksander Engevik to Dagbladet.

He is the leader of Bjerke Venstre and sits on the upbringing and culture committee in the Oslo district.

Nevertheless, Engevik emphasizes that he does not speak on behalf of the Liberal Party when he now says that Noreng should be fired from his job as a teacher at Årvoll school in the same district for his attitudes.

Has become legitimate to “these” Pride


– Noreng’s statements that the Norwegian school conducts indoctrination and imposes a gender ideology on the children, violate both the purpose clause, the Education Act and the curriculum, Engevik tells Dagbladet.

Noreng first spoke in an article on NRK, where he believed, among other things, that the school “pushes” ideology on children.

Save the Children, as well as public debater and educated teacher Sofie Frøysaa are among those who responded to Noreng’s statements about Pride and the association behind the event.

Then Noreng, together with Peter Risholm in, responded to the criticism in a column in VG.

In the latter article, a sentence has been changed after publication. This sentence concerned that a friend of one of the columnists was interrogated by the police for four hours because she is said to have said that the male is not female.

The reason for the correction is, according to VG, that it is imprecise.

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Pride is for children

Pride is for children

– Does not share ideology

But it is not just this mistake that Engevik reacts to, even though he strongly calls for better source criticism from a teacher.

– I already thought after the article in NRK that he should be removed from the job as a teacher in the public sector. One of my political fads has long been the strong job security in the public sector. I believe that if his attitudes had come out in a job interview, he would never have gotten the job, says Engevik.

Dagbladet has presented Anders Noreng with all the criticism in this case.

He replies in a short comment that the accusations from Engevik come from the fact that he does not share Engevik’s ideology. By the way, he will give a longer answer to Dagbladet at a later date.

The municipal council resigned after the Pride riot

The municipal council resigned after the Pride riot

– Was uncomfortable

Engevik, who is himself openly gay, explains that as a child he went to a school where he had a teacher with what he experienced as homophobic attitudes.

– He showed attitudes that made me not comfortable. For many, the teachers and the school represent a safe arena where you should be able to tell things you may not dare to tell your own parents. When a teacher publicly shows attitudes that Noreng does, the students there who are either queer themselves – or have parents who are queer – are no longer safe, says Engevik.

He also responds that Noreng believes a Norwegian public school should be neutral.

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Pride + school = true

Pride + school = true

– The school should not be value-neutral and it has never been, says Engevik. Besides, no one is saying that it should be mandatory for Oslo children to go to Pride.

Letter to the schools

In a letter from the Education Agency to the schools, everyone with connections to the Oslo School is invited to go on the train that is arranged after the school holidays have started.

Engevik pays tribute to the director of the Education Agency, Marte Gerhardsen, who to NRK responded to the criticism by emphasizing that diversity is an important value in the Oslo School and that all employees and students here should feel that they are included and part of a community regardless of who they love.

On the other hand, he calls for reactions from other employees at Årvoll school, who can show that this is not the school’s attitude.