With the cooler households, the heater is turned on for a bit of comfort.

But energy prices are getting steeper and steeper, meaning people are looking for every method to cut bills and still stay warm.

And no one can agree on whether it is cheaper to keep the heating constant throughout the day or just for the short periods when it is really needed.

Every field has its followers, but as MEN has reported, money-saving expert Martin Lewis has put these myths to bed and given some practical advice.

People are already turning to their thermostats

The 46-year-old appeared with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on the This Morning sofa to share his tips.

"They say it's better to turn on the heater only when you need it," he said.

"You pay to pump energy whenever it's needed, and pumping constantly is not efficient."

He suggested that the best way to heat the house was to use a timer.

"Use the best timer because your thermostat should turn the heater on and off so you can stay at the temperature you set at home, and generally I would stay with that setting," he said.

Everything you should try before switching on the central heating

People living in damp places may need to turn on central heating for longer.

He said to the hosts, "There are some engineers who argue that heating the heater can work on all radiators and lowering the boiler because it reduces the condensation that accumulates when the heater is turned off in the walls and the duct facilitates heat outside the home – that is, you lose heat faster and lose heat faster, consuming more energy.

"So if your house tends to, you might want to think about it."



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