should we establish a “great Safety”?

DECRYPTION – At the time of redefining an economic model of sustainable social protection, the debate raises the question of the model of society that the French want. Two camps are opposed.

Pushed by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, but strongly opposed by the complementary health, the scenario of a “great Security”, appearing at the heart of a report of the High Council for the future of the Health insurance (HCAAM ), set fire to the powder at the end of the year.

And for good reason, it is neither more nor less to expand the scope of Medicare. The three complementary families (insurers, mutuals and provident institutions) would lose 70% of their health market, their potential field of intervention being reduced to expenses outside the basket covered by Social Security. They would therefore become more of supplementary insurance than complementary.

Expensive management fees

The supporters of this “general public” scheme, with full funding of health by Social Security, hope for two advantages: lower management costs and better treatment of vulnerable populations. Economically, the current system is indeed expensive with its double billing …

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