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Should we wait for black Friday or Christmas to buy the latest games or video consoles?

theDenicheur, price comparator, reveals the best periods to buy consoles and video games

According to the Syndicat des Edifiers de Software de Loisirs (SELL), the video game market has, in 2017, recorded 4.3 billion euros in revenue! A record year for this market driven by a 31% increase in console sales and 16% for gaming.

According to theDénicheur, Sony has, in the first six months of 2018, largely dominated the console market with its PS4 with 41.17% of the share of research, followed by Nintendo Switch (32.57%). Microsoft and its Xbox One, however, far behind with 9.76%.

In terms of games, in the Top 3 on PS4 we find in a handkerchief in the first six months of 2018, God of War (1.74%), Detroit Become Human (1.41%) and Far Cry 5 (1.14%). On Nintendo Switch, first place went to Splatoon 2 (4.43%), followed by Super Mario Odyssey (1.93%) and 1-2 Swtich (1.87%). On the Xbox One, Grand Theft Auto V ranks first with 0.24%, Sea of ​​Thieves the second (0.23%) and Monster Hunter: World third with 0.15%.

In September, the release of new games available on PS4 and Xbox One shakes the charts. On PS4 Marvel's Spider Man is in pole position for research shares (3.87%), Red Dead Redemption in 2nd (2.75%), and Fifa 19 (2.46%) in 3rd. On the Xbox One, Forza Horizon 4-Ultimate Edition leads (1.23%) followed by Fifa 19 (0.73%) and Shadow of the Tomb Raider (0.63%).

If other games are expected in October and November, LeDéniseur, has studied the best time to purchase these games. Should we wait for Black Friday or Christmas to benefit from a good price? According to Romain Gavache, Country Manager France at leDénicheur "the video game market is very different from that of the smartphone. While the latter practices promotions only a few months after the release of new products, the video game industry does not lower its prices until the obsolescence of a game or the rise of the market of the opportunity. Another particularity, this market has little price dispersion from one merchant to the other at the time of release of new products whether consoles or games."

So do you still have to bet on Black Friday or Christmas to see promotional offers? If we refer to Fifa 18, released in September 2017, a decline of nearly 3% of the price occurred on the game for PS4 and 1% for the Xbox One on the day of Black Friday. A drop that was significantly larger for the holiday season with nearly 31% on both consoles. A game like PES 2018 has, meanwhile, recorded larger declines and that from Black Friday with 18% discount and nearly 30% at Christmas time.

Popularity history / price of Fifa 18 PS4
Games Release date Exit price Black Friday price Lowest price
end of year period
FIFA 18 (PS4) 09/29/17 € 50.49 € 49.00 € 34.90
FIFA 18 (Xbox One) 09/29/17 € 50.49 € 49.99 € 34.90
Call of Duty: WWII 03/11/17 € 51.79 € 46.99 € 34.90
Assassin's Creed Origins (PS4) 27/10/17 € 50.99 € 45.00 € 51.00
PES 2018 (PS4) 09/12/17 € 54.99 € 44.90 € 39.28
Battlefield 1 (PS4) 21/10/16 € 50.50 € 44.59 € 38.85
NBA 2K18 (switch) 09/15/18 € 49.99 € 39.00 € 39.99
Fortnite (PC) 07/25/17 € 52.19 € 32.99 € 68.89
Battlefront 2 (PC) 17/11/17 € 49.99 € 45.00 € 34.99
Uncharted the lost legacy 08/22/17 € 32.90 € 19.99 € 19.99

On PS4 consoles, initially sold at 299 euros a decrease of 20% was observed in November and nearly 35% at the end of the year. The PS4 Pro 1 TB, sold for 399 euros, recorded a fall of 12.4% at Black Friday but no additional promo was observed at the end of the year. The same goes for the Xbox One, with 8% less in November for an initial price of 499 euros. The switch (299 euros) had very little variation with only 2% less in November and 8% in December.

consoles Release date Exit price Black Friday price Lowest price
end of year period
Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB 2016 € 299.99 € 239.90 € 199.00
Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB 2016 € 399.00 € 349.00 € 349.00
Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB 2017 € 499 € 459.90 € 459.90
Nintendo Switch 2018 € 299 € 292.00 € 274.00

theDénicheur notes that in periods of promotions, the best offers of consoles are made on "bundles"(consoles + games and / or accessories)"a strategy allowing merchants not to lower the price of the console alone", says Romain Gavache.

"Given all these indicators, it seems that the holiday season is more conducive to the purchase of games and consoles than Black Friday. It should also be noted that variations occur throughout the year in a rather random manner. Activating price alerts can be a good way to be informed in real time of good deals!"advises Romain Gavache.


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