Should Xbox add a new trophy system?

On the latest episode of the Iron Lords podcast, Xbox Director of Project Management Jason Ronald discussed plans to add a Platinum Trophy equivalent to the platform. Check out the video for the full podcast below.

On PlayStation, players earn a Platinum Trophy once they have earned 100% of the Trophies in a particular game. Xbox games have achievements, of course, although completing 100% of them doesn’t mean anything specific. Ronald talked about how different players play differently and that the Xbox team is looking to reward those different guys in different ways.

“We have definitely heard those comments,” said Ronald (transcribed by Pure Xbox). “The achievements are interesting because everyone plays differently. So we really thought, how do we reward people for playing the way you want and the games you want?

“There are some players who just prefer to play multiplayer. What are we doing to reward them and show progression and things like that? There are other people who like to play tons of different games, so how can we go ahead and respect that investment? And then there are other people like me, where I’m a completionist and I literally want to complete everything within one game.

“So it is a balance and it is definitely an area that we have heard some comments about. There is nothing to announce today, but definitely the most important thing for us as we look towards the road ahead. “

Xbox has also previously looked to PlayStation for improvements in other departments, with the Xbox boss praising the DualSense controller and how the Xbox team could work on similar improvements for its own controllers. A Platinum Trophy equivalent would be great for Xbox gamers, of course, although you should probably keep your expectations in check for now, as, as Ronald explains, there is nothing to announce on that front at the moment.

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