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[NTD News February 23, 2021, Beijing time]Guo Meimei, a well-known “showing wealth woman” in mainland China, was sentenced to five years in prison for gathering crowds for gambling, and she has been dormant since she was released from prison quietly in July 2019. On Sunday (21st), Guo suddenly broadcasted a high-profile live broadcast on the social network platform, revealing luxury cars and expensive clothing and jewelry again. Netizens found that Guo and the past are different, and they are suspected of undergoing plastic surgery.

On Sunday, local time, Guo Meimei and her boyfriend announced their “comeback” in a high-profile live broadcast through their social network accounts, once again showing off their wealth publicly.

In the video clip, Guo Meimei rides in a luxurious star-topped luxury car. The public price of this luxury car is as high as 8 million yuan (RMB, the same below). In addition, not only does the car that Guo Meimei rides looks quite high-end, but the clothes and jewelry she wears are also expensive luxury items. Some netizens said that the price of a necklace she was wearing was more than 200,000 yuan.

Many netizens were even more surprised to find that Guo Meimei, who appeared in front of the camera this time, has also undergone a lot of changes, which is different from the past. Netizens therefore speculated that she might have undergone plastic surgery after she was released from prison the year before last.

Guo Meimei, a well-known Chinese woman showing off her wealth, will broadcast her own luxury car on the Internet on February 21, 2021. (Video screenshot)
In July 2014, Guo Meimei was arrested by the police on suspicion of opening a casino. (Video screenshot)

Guo Meimei, born in 1991, has been in public view since about 2011. At that time, as the “General Manager of the Chinese Red Cross Society”, she often played live broadcasts or posted photos to show off her wealth on Weibo, an online social platform, and became a popular online “popular”. She shows off that she lives in a big villa, drives Maserati and Lamborghini sports cars, and her mother owns a dozen Hermes bags and other expensive luxury goods.

Although this kind of show-off has earned Guo Meimei’s attention from the public, it has also caused huge doubts in the public about where the funds raised by the Chinese Red Cross Society (the “Chinese Red Cross”) are going. Although officials of the Chinese Red Cross have repeatedly claimed that “Guo Meimei has nothing to do with the Red Cross,” the trust of the Chinese people in the Red Cross has collapsed. After the April 21 earthquake in Ya’an in 2013, the Chinese Red Cross posted a post on Weibo to appeal for donations, but in less than two days it received more than 140,000 “roll” characters left by netizens.

After the failure of the Chinese Red Cross in fundraising, he threatened to restart the investigation of Guo Meimei. Unexpectedly, Guo immediately responded strongly, saying that anyone who dared to touch her hair would immediately announce the inside story. The Red Society even voluntarily abandoned the resumption of the investigation into the “Guo Meimei Incident.” Guo Meimei was not punished for showing off her wealth.

However, during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Beijing police raided an online gambling den on July 9 and captured Guo Meimei and other people who were participating in gambling on the spot. On September 11, 2015, Beijing Dongcheng District Court opened a trial in Guo Meimei’s case, found Guo Meimei guilty of opening a casino, and sentenced to 5 years in prison and fined RMB 50,000. Guo Meimei was imprisoned for this reason until she was released from prison on July 13, 2019.

What is Guo Meimei’s real wealth background? Why is she so “rich” at a young age? Regarding these issues, the outside world is full of various rumors. It is reported that Guo Meimei and her mother are both “mistresses” who are “brought up” by the rich, and that there are rich and powerful “gods” behind her. ; There is also news that she is a “social flower” who sells her colors for gold, and that her sex transactions are expensive. Guo Meimei confessed to the police in prison that she had engaged in prostitution (ie sex trafficking) under the pretext of signing a contract to participate in commercial performances.

On August 3, 2011, Lang Xianping, a well-known Hong Kong economist, conducted an exclusive interview with Guo Meimei’s mother and daughter. At that time, Guo Meimei claimed that Shenzhen Wang Jun was his “god father” and that the luxury car Maserati was sent by Wang Jun. Soon afterwards, Guo Meimei’s mother claimed to the public that Guo Meimei was actually the biological daughter of Wang Jun, the capital shareholder of “China Red Fraternity”. But shortly after the related news was sent out, it was all deleted overnight. It is suspected that it was the Central Propaganda Department who ordered the deletion of posts, and it was also an official of the Central Propaganda Department who could make Lang Xianping come forward to clean up the mother and daughter.

(Reporter Zhu Ying Comprehensive Report / Chief Editor: Xiaohui)

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