‘Show that no matter how old you are’


One of the most wanted private coaches in the NBA surrendered to the level of Al Horford: ‘It shows that it doesn’t matter how old you are.’

At Horford, Celtics figure
© Adam Glanzman/Getty ImagesAt Horford, Celtics figure

what of Al Horford in the 2022 Playoffs it was something sensational. The experts say so! With an average per game of 12 points and 48% effectiveness in triples, the player from Boston Celtics did not escape the challenge of facing during the Finals the best triple shooter in the history of the NBA.

Horford was the poster child for the versatility big men must display in the NBA. Al finished 62.5% from 3-point shooting in the 2022 Finals that the Celtics lost to Stephen Curry y Golden State Warriors.

The performance of the player born in the Dominican Republic aroused praise from no one else and no one less than Chris ‘The Lethal Shooter’ Matthews, one of the most coveted private coaches in the NBA world. This figure surrendered to the evolution of Al Horford.

Although I can’t get to the NBA and his basketball career took place in countries like Mexico, China and Russia, ‘The Lethal Shooter’ Matthews has coached the likes of Anthony Davis y Dwight Howard, of the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, the turn to be praised went to none other than Horford.

‘The Lethal Shooter’ surrenders to Horford’s level: ‘It shows that age doesn’t matter’

It shows that it doesn’t matter how old you are. If you can’t shoot, it’s your fault. In the current NBA, it is essential that you have a three-point shot, a medium distance. Al Horford you are showing us that you have dedicated time; is dedicated”, Chris claimed’The Lethal Shooter Matthews about the Boston Celtics player according to the Instagram account @officialnbabuzz.

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