Show: the immersive revolution

SURVEY – After a chaotic start, this movement which combines cinema, the arts, performing arts and technology is now establishing itself everywhere. The public plebiscite these proposals close to entertainment and resolutely inventive.

Paris, National Museum of Natural History (MNHN). In the dark, a roar sounds followed by the cry of a distraught bird. Feet in a moonlit pond, the visitor guesses that prey and predators of the savannah surround him. Like Alice in Wonderland, he spins underground. Even with the mask, scents of humus and truffle tickle the nostrils. Under the arctic waters, meeting the sperm whales, an amber smell takes over … “This walk through eight ecosystems is a new type of experience, a world first”, congratulates Bruno David, president of the MNHN, by evoking “The sensory odyssey”, the new attraction of the place. He hopes that the thousands of expected visitors will have more empathy for the living world, as beautiful as it is fragile. “For this immersion which combines smell, sight and sound, two hundred scientists, scenographers, sound engineers and chemists worked together for six years”, underlines the producer

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