Shows: Emilia Drago reveals that she never imagined “giving birth in the middle of a pande

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The actress Emilia Drago He reflected on everything he has learned during the 107 days of quarantine that our capital lived. Although we have passed a focused quarantine, there are now some freedoms that until a few days ago could not be enjoyed.

So many mixed feelings on this day … On the one hand, feeling that we managed to survive these 107 days of quarantine. And you feel proud of yourself, of everything you have done, of how you have managed your house, your fears, your anxieties. Proud to have endured so long away from your family. On the other hand, you are already used to being at home, you feel that it is your safe space, you have a routine. Then we are afraid to go out. Even the prospect of seeing our family causes some distressHe wrote on his official Facebook account.


I see Luna and I am so proud of all the strength she has had and how she has matured in these months. No one ever imagined that we were going to have something like this, let alone give birth in the middle of a pandemic. It’s actually still happening, only now there’s a little more ‘freedom‘”Drago added.

The actress of ‘Asu Mare‘He warned that it has not been easy to live this situation and recognizes that it is something that we will remember the rest of our lives. In addition, he pointed out that this pandemic has taught him to value “health and family”.

Emilia Drago she gave birth to Larita, her second daughter, on May 18 of this year in full quarantine. Hours before giving birth, she shared a photo on her social networks where she is seen with her husband Diego Lombardi on the way to the clinic, both wearing their face masks to prevent new coronavirus.



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