Shy’m tells us about his son Tahoma’s first name, his mother’s life

Shy’m lends his voice to a Christmas story called “The Christmas Girl”. On this occasion, the Journal des Femmes met the singer, who will celebrate her son’s very first Christmas in December. She reveals the origin of the first name Tahoma, looks back on her pregnancy, her childbirth … Her exclusive confidences.

[Mise à jour du 28 octobre à 15h54]. Barely mother of a little Tahoma born in January 2021, Shy’m lends his voice to a Christmas tale titled ‘The Christmas Girl’, which is scheduled for release on Audible on December 16. It was in the recording studio located in Suresnes that the mother writing of Journal des Femmes met the singer. Relaxed, warm and smiling, Shy’m tells us about her new life as a mother, the way she will celebrate her son’s first Christmas, of his projects. The singer, who dedicated her song Boy to her first child, looks back on the original announcement of her pregnancy, and her delivery during the Covid period, masked. While she got a tattoo on the first name Tahoma in the neck and her date of birth, it is the first time that she confides on the choice of this original name and poetic, which means “Snow-capped mountain peak”. Interview.

Can you tell us about the children’s story “The Christmas Girl”?

Shy’m :I play Noéline, the daughter of Santa Claus, who is forced to take over the reins of a Christmas in preparation. Her dad fell ill: Santa Claus was no longer able to manufacture toys or deliver gifts to children. He therefore entrusts this mission to his daughter, but this intrepid teenager has new ideas that are a little militant and revolutionary. This is what worries her daddy, the elves, the goblins. And like children’s stories, there are many adventures with “bad guys”.

Is it motherhood that made you want to invest in a children’s story?

Shy’m : “Obviously, I think there is an even more obvious sense to do it today, being a mom, because I think of my little boy who might listen to this tale later, he might be proud. to hear his mom, recognize my voice. What attracted me to this tale was also the notion of ecology : we talk about gift packages to be recycled, and we invite you not to wrap all the gifts, to use them for other packages …. This is a very important subject that we try to instill in the new generations “. I also believe that it is the challenge of being able to play a character that echoes my career as an actress. There is a real investment in the body, in acting, in voice, it is both interesting and subtle”.

On a daily basis, is ecology important to you?

Shy’m : “Yes, that seems essential to me. I bring my bag when I go to do my shopping, I bring back the bags used the previous week when I go to buy my fruits and vegetables, to avoid using new ones. , it is acted … I hope that all these gestures of consumption will be able to have a world repercussion.

“Before, I just thought of myself and now I only think of him. He’s my trunk, my spine, he’s my goal.”

More generally, what has motherhood changed for you?

Shy’m : All. It healed and awakened a lot of things, other anxieties, for life. These are perhaps banal phrases for many moms who live it and who have lived it, but it resonates differently when you experience it yourself. For example, we found certain sentences too extreme, we took them more lightly, but we understand them when we become a mother. We are faced with the slightest fall or annoyance. We wonder why he is crying, does he need me … These questions persist throughout his life, when he is grown up, adolescent, then adult. We realize that we will be worried for life and this notion is new. I used to think just of myself and now I only think of him. It’s my trunk, my spine, it’s my goal.

Shy’m: For me, Christmas takes on another dimension this year. We will make a Christmas tree, it will discover the lights, the effervescence of this family celebration. We’re wondering where we’re going to celebrate it and logistically, with a young baby, if we don’t do it at home, there are a lot of things to organize. As for toys, I am trying now to instill in him the education that I received, that is to say not to overdo it. He’s going to be 9 months old, there’s no point in buying him too many things. I wish he was used to not being too brooded and loaded with unnecessary things. Educational toys or other, I am a new mother, like everyone else I get informed about what is good according to her age, her development. The main thing is that he is surrounded by his dad, his mom, and his family.

Shy’m : I remember it was on the set of my music video called “Ensemble”, and at that time, I had the idea to call him Tao. I talk about the name with my stylist, I was still pregnant, and he tells me that his cousin is called Tahoma. Since I had already heard the first name Tao on a few children, I found Tahoma very pretty and poetic. I wanted an original name. Her daddy and I (Tamara, editor’s note) also have an original first name, so we wanted something a little out of the ordinary. We took a long time to settle on a first name and finally, we decided three weeks before the birth. Tahoma is a first name of Native American origin meaning “Snow-capped mountain peak“. I like the mixed side of the name Tahoma: the fact that it ends with an A and that it is a boy. I like the idea that it is not a gendered name. Moreover, it has a bed and a stroller with lots of flowers, it is surrounded by lots of colors and it is true that one might think that it is a girl’s name, but it is a little the case also for the first name of his dad and mine.

On social networks, Tahoma already seems to be interested in your vinyls. Would you like to teach him a musical instrument later?

Shy’m : At home, our life is punctuated by music and dance. I believe that naturally he will grow up in this universe. In the house, there are vinyls, keyboards and guitars lying around. He has this curiosity like all children, he wants to touch everything. When it is played, he passes his hand, he has already understood the gesture. We have a little keyboard on the ground on which he is going to play, there is already the learning of the sound … Maybe he will like it, or that he will detach himself from it, in any case, I don’t. don’t want to push him into anything. The keyboard is there like another toy, the guitars are part of the house. We will see growing up if he wants to play an instrument, and why not do classical dance?

When I was pregnant I wondered how I was going to announce it and if I wanted to announce it. I didn’t want to be ahead of me by taking a picture of me once my stomach was very visible. I am quite modest by nature and I could not see myself divulging it on social networks, by a tweet or on Instagram, I found that it popularized a little this so magical event that was happening to me. The best way to say it, and to keep track of it too, was to put it in song, and that sounded like a good way to me. This is also what triggered my desire to make music again and return to the recording studio, after confinement and my pregnancy. It was a good time to announce it.

I got pregnant right after the first confinement. It was complicated and overwhelming like everyone else, especially during the first confinement and finally, I found myself at home, with my essentials and I lived a suspended time. I believe it was during this period that I managed to get pregnant : there was less anxiety, less waiting, for fear of saying “this is not the right time”. In addition, I had come out of an ectopic pregnancy a few months before. So I completely detached myself from it all, I think naturally my body was rested at that point, and it happened.

I gave birth with a mask but that didn’t necessarily displease, it was a way of hiding my face completely distorted by pain (laughs). But above all I had the chance to be accompanied by the dad and by a team that surrounded and coached me.

What are your plans for 2022?

Between confinement, childbirth, motherhood and the first few months with baby, I was in a bubble and completely out of the way for about two and a half years. So I’m going to take all of that again, even if it was difficult to get out of this merger with my son, to rethink myself, find myself, find the music and my projects. I didn’t necessarily want to because I was going through something extraordinary and I had this feeling that he needed me, especially since I breastfed, so it was hard to physically get away from him for a long time. Stopping breastfeeding also made things easier: I took over the management of the studio. On the film side, there should also be a filming in 2022 as well.