Sicarios help mother and son cross the US border


Sicarios help mother and son cross the US border

The mother and her son were detained by elements of the Border Patrol when crossing to the United States. Photo: Screenshot


A video surveillance camera captured the moment when a group of armed men escorted a mother and her son, both of Central American origin, to the border wall between the entities of Sonora and Arizona, where they crossed illegally, but were apprehended by agents of Border Patrol of the Garlic Sector, in the United States.

In a press release, the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP) explained that the incident occurred on Saturday night in western Lukeville County, Arizona, adjacent to the municipality of Plutarco Elías Calles, in Sonora. better known as Sonoyta.

In the shooting with night vision technology, five men armed with assault rifles and submachine guns are seen aboard a van, who escort the mother and son to a section of the International line that has barriers instead of a wall. Normandy, which resemble steel sections of the train tracks crisscrossed to interfere with the cross-roads of off-road vehicles and allow the migration of wildlife species.

Border Patrol agents from the Ajo Station arrested a woman and her eight-year-old son after witnessing armed individuals escort the couple to the United States, west of Lukeville, Arizona, on Saturday night ", The immigration agency reported.

The video shows how one of the suspects crosses the International line to point the way to the family of illegal migrants, who continued the journey on foot until they were stopped by the CBP agents.

The armed men left the couple in an area commonly used by smugglers to illegally transport large numbers of Central Americans to the country, "the Border Patrol added.

Arizona CBP also reported that early on Sunday, Border Patrol agents were assaulted by an 18-year-old youth from Honduras who crossed through the wall in Andrade, California, when the Rescue and Trauma Service was trying to help Two illegal immigrants who were stranded in the desert.

They will give visitors card to detained migrants

The spokesman of the unit stressed that this video is an example of what has been happening with the "criminal activity"from the Mexican side and its role in the massive crossing of Central American immigrants.

As we have seen in all the cases we have in that area, we know that they have an organized crime component that is involved in one way or another, "Hernández emphasized.

The immigration authorities claim that the smugglers organize these groups to cross the demarcation and, without caring about anything, they are doing their "work" illegally in front of their security cameras.

In the video in black and white, which was captured by an infrared camera – supposedly for one night -, we observe a group of five men located at the foot of an off-road vehicle while they make sure that the area is clear to make the crossing.

Urge Segob to migrants respect Mexican laws

Some wear a ski mask and hold high-caliber machine guns. One of them even crosses next to the woman and child to US territory and then returns with his group through a small fence.

The Arizona Border Patrol has posted this video today on their Twitter page.

A week ago, CBP reported the crossing of the same area of ​​Garlic by a group of 364 people, mainly Central Americans, who later turned themselves in to the authorities when they entered US territory.




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