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Original title: Sichuan traditional Chinese medicine practitioners escort athletes for the Tokyo Olympics

Behind the Chinese Olympic athletes who competed in the Tokyo Olympics, there was a group of people silently giving. The reporter learned that Luo Xiaobing, a physician from Sichuan Orthopaedic Hospital, and Liao Yuanpeng and Shan Jixin, physicians from the Affiliated Sports Hospital of Chengdu Sports University, have rushed to Tokyo. There will be a battlefield for Olympic athletes to fight hard with sweat, and doctors use professional Chinese medicine. The battlefield of diagnosis and treatment technology.

In Chengdu, there are a group of doctors from Sichuan Provincial Orthopaedic Hospital and the Affiliated Sports Hospital of Chengdu Sports University. They serve for the national short-track speed skating, shooting, archery, basketball, hockey, badminton, table tennis and other national sports teams as well as the Sichuan Provincial Sports Team. Provide medical security services. The hard-won medals are also condensed with the hard work of the team doctors.

The reporter learned that the sports medicine of the Sichuan Orthopedic Hospital is a major feature of the hospital and is well-known in the industry. Since the 1980s, the sports medicine expert team of the hospital has participated in the diagnosis and treatment of many athletes. Many athletes who were troubled by injuries have recovered and returned to the competition with the help of doctors. It is also because of the unique acupuncture, bone setting, and massage therapies that the sports medicine expert team of the Sichuan Orthopaedic Hospital is called by the Olympic athletes “the person holding half of the gold medal.”

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This time, 5 physicians from the Sports Hospital affiliated to Chengdu Sport University were selected as medical security staff to be selected as the Tokyo Olympic Games security team. Among them, two physicians Shan Jixin and Li Yangyang were selected for the Tokyo Olympic Games Chinese Sports Delegation, two physicians Liao Yuanpeng and Luo Anmin were selected for the Tokyo Olympic Games Guarantee Camp, and Dr. Song Weijun was selected for the Science and Technology Service Guarantee Group (remote guarantee in Beijing).

Just last month, Li Shijia, an athlete of the Sichuan Women’s Gymnastics Team preparing for the Olympic Games, was injured accidentally, causing “transient dislocation of the knee joint.” The team of Dr. Luo Xiaobing used massage, acupuncture and moxibustion to cooperate with functional rehabilitation. It took only 10 days. Li Shijia’s injury has improved, and she will be able to return to the national gymnastics training team on July 8 to continue preparing for the Olympics.

In terms of injury treatment, Sichuan Provincial Orthopedic Hospital focuses on the “combination of martial arts and medicine”. The wounded often just put on a splint when they are restored to their position, and the doctor will let the patient try to do fist exercises and circle-drawing exercises. “This can avoid joint adhesion and help athletes correct residual fracture displacement.” Dr. Luo Xiaobing said that they will do their best to provide medical protection and help athletes fight on the court.