Sicily, impasse on the derogation from the two mandates and technical deadlines for the vote: Cancelleri withdraws from the primary for the regional

The impasse in Sicily for the 5-star Movement is released. Giancarlo Cancelleri he withdrew from the race for the primaries in view of the regional next autumn. A step back that comes a few minutes after the diffusion of a news filtered by sources of Skyvote, the platform used by 5 stars for online consultations. “There are no more technical times and we had no indications, so the vote can no longer be done ”, they let the agency know Adnkronos. To run to Cancelleri, therefore, an exemption from Giuseppe Conte himself would have had to arrive, without passing through the base. A delicate choice: in the end the undersecretary preferred to retire.

At this point it will be necessary to understand who will be the candidate of the 5 stars in the primaries convened in anticipation of the regional next autumn. The election of the center-left candidate for governor will be held on 23 July. The candidates in the field of Left he was born in Pd already there (Claudio Fava e Caterina Chinnici), only that of the M5s is missing: to present the applications there is only time until midnight on June 30th. So there are only a few hours left at the Cinquestelle to make a decision. Also due to the constraint on the second term. A decision has been awaited for days Giuseppe Conte which is slow in arriving, also awaiting consultations by Beppe Grillo in Rome started on Monday, which has not so far cleared the horizon in any way. The founder is strongly opposed to removing the ban for a third term. But when asked directly about a possible vote, he replied: “I do not know“. In fact, the whole Sicilian game was played on the derogation from the second term, since the candidate on pole was Giancarlo Cancelleri, the grillino of Caltanissetta elected regional councilor twice: the second time, however, he resigned early to enter the Conte 2 government. According to the rules of the Movement, however, Cancelleri would still be forbidden to re-nominate. It is for this reason that in the last few hours there was insistent talk of an exception that would untie the knot. The step back of the Undersecretary for Transport should break the deadlock.

At this point it will be necessary to understand if the 5 stars will present the name of Luigi Sunseri as a candidate for the premières. Longtime militant, for his first term as regional councilor – and therefore free to run – Sunseri is one of the most active at ARS: last year he presented a rich dossier on financial hole of the subsidiaries of the Region, also denouncing the lack of controls. However, Sunseri is less well known than Cancelleri and according to some part of the Movement he is considered divisive. The reason? One of his posts on facebook, clearly opposed to the exception: “To think, today, of going beyond the second term, even in a single institution, would mean betraying the very essence of the Movement”. This is why today among the Sicilian 5 stars there is talk of “a personality who is the most suitable to compete in these primaries while maintaining unity in the Movement”, they explain. For this reason, the hypothesis of a “Foreign Pope”, A name chosen in agreement with the Democratic Party to overcome the Sicilian impasse and go beyond the primary. A hypothesis, however, soon failed. Another option was, instead, to nominate the mother of the Basic income, Nunzia Catalfo, but she too, like Cancelleri, would have the problem of two terms. Even the name of the Undersecretary for Education was mentioned, Barbara Floridiamuch appreciated but little known in the whole Region.