Sicily, the limit of two mandates and the uncertainty Cancelleri: only the M5s candidate is missing from the primary for the regional

The deadline for submitting the application is approaching and on M5s is the only one who has not yet expressed a name for the primaries of center left. On the table is the seat as candidate for governor in the Sicilian regional teams next autumn. “There is time until June 30,” he remembers Giancarlo Cancelleri, Undersecretary for Transport, among the names circulating in these hours, and already for months, as a possible candidate. On him, however, hangs the constraint prohibiting the third terma topic that became even more sensitive after the split of Luigi Di Maio. An exception to the rule at this time does not seem to be frowned upon by Giuseppe Conte. The former premier expressed himself in these terms during the meeting held on Thursday with the elected representatives of the regional assembly and with the Sicilian senators and deputies. The result is that 5 days from the last possible date for submitting applications, a name of the 5 stars is still missing. To choose the candidate of the center left, voting will take place on 23 July via the app (sky vote) and in the 32 gazebos that will be set up in the 5 most populous provinces of the Sicily. The site is already ready to subscribe to the vote: 16-year-olds and those residing in Sicily but out of office will be able to vote.

Two of the three candidates are also ready. It has been on the field for months Claudio Fava, the now former president of the Sicilian Anti-Mafia commission who has been touring Sicily since last winter. Recently, however, the Democratic Party has formalized the choice of him, which finally fell on Caterina Chinnicimagistrate, daughter of Rocco Chinnici the magistrate who started the anti-mafia pool in Palermo, killed in 1983: “Why am I introducing myself? Because, this land, Sicily, I love it, my parents with their example have taught me to love it – said the candidate of the Democratic Party – And to the invitation of the Democratic party, I respond with enthusiasm and with the same spirit of service that has always characterized my civic commitment “. And politician: Chinnici is an MEP and was a councilor for the regional government of Raffaele Lombardo, first to the family and then to the public service. Her name had been circulating for months: precisely because of her role in the executive of the former president of the Region, the magistrate is considered capable of attracting the Autonomists headed by Lombardo to the center-left coalition, thus guaranteeing the coalition a wider field. Therefore, two children of Cosa Nostra victims will challenge each other since Fava is the son of Pippo Fava, a journalist killed in Catania in 1984.

Only the candidate of the M5s who will be chosen by is missing Giuseppe Conte in the next days. Meanwhile, the Sicilians will meet the activists, in a confrontation vis à vis, where it all began. That is in the courtyard of the Scarabelli library in Caltanissetta. There that is, where i Five stars Sicilians met in 2012 and decided to form the first list for the Regionals. A symbolic place where the regional representative, Nuccio Di Paola, will collect all the adhesions for the primaries. He is currently on the field for sure Luigi Sunseri, regional deputy of Termini Imerese, who had already announced his availability for months. Even Di Paola himself had done the same, but his candidacy could vanish, if the waiver for Cancelleri arises, also available for candidacy, but having reached the third term: candidate for governor in 2012, he had finished third but had been elected to the Ars. Re-elected in 2017 (after being defeated in the presidential race by Nello Musumeci) he then resigned in 2019 to enter the Conte government 2.

A new name could arrive to clear everything up, and in the rear the name of the senator from Messina is mentioned, Barbara Floridia. However, it will all be made official tomorrow. Once the names have been collected, Conte will choose who will be the candidate for the next primaries for the M5s, which in Sicily still had few repercussions after the split: they are 9 the parliamentarians passed with Di Maio (at the beginning of the legislature they were 36 deputies and 17 senators the parliamentarians elected in Sicily in the M5s, now there are 20 deputies and 10 senators, after the latest post-split exits), while no one in the M5s group at the Regional Assembly: “Paradoxically this split has made the Ars group even more cohesive ”, underlined Di Paola. “Whoever is chosen I will support him without hesitation”, announces Cancelleri who is waiting to see if he will come granted the exemption and if it can then participate in the primary. But he, already a candidate for the Regionals twice, meanwhile broadens his gaze: “This adventure of the primaries is very important to rekindle an enthusiasm that has never died out in Sicily but must be re-fueled, they are an opportunity to regain momentum and be able to go back to savoring results that we have not been able to obtain for some time, after the Conte 2 we felt a little tired, this is the right remedy ”. And he has no doubts about the split: “I wish all the best to my colleagues but I don’t think the split will have us damaged that much, will fill a void that is not currently occupied by the Movement: it is a new parliamentary structure but not a new electoral structure “. For Sunseri, however, the 5 Star Movement” in Sicily, it can win the primaries and be the first force politics. But we must not miss anything. Sicilians need a candidate who can involve them, a person with whom they can easily identify. I hope as soon as possible “.