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Home Entertainment Sick Sophia Rotaru struggles to keep herself up for dignity :: Showbiz...

Sick Sophia Rotaru struggles to keep herself up for dignity :: Showbiz ::

The singer is going through a difficult period. Despite no health problems, Sofia
Rotaru holds his face perfectly, says leading stylist studio "Dajmur"
Anastasia Nikolaev.

The expert noted that not all women
look like an artist, even in 50 years. "In my opinion, Sophia Rotaru looks
more than worthy, given its age and state of health. Yes she has a lot
plastic surgery, but also her profession, requiring constant care
herself and her face – her work ", – said the interlocutor" Days. Ru. "

Specialist praised the choice of clothes and makeup
performer. "She is dressed in a modest, not pretentious, immortal classic of black and
white, so it looks very elegant and stylish. I always speak for
conciseness, rather than for the screaming vulgarity of some of her performers
age ", said Anastasia Nikolayeva.

"Finally, at least someone does not have this abundance of makeup with pink blush
and red lips. Everything is very reserved and tidy ", – concluded the stylist. Worth
Sophia Rotaru has long been a style icon and a model of elegance for
millions of women.

Sofia Rotaru with grandchildren. Photo:

It is said that Sophia Rotaru is not
acts and does not attend social events due to health problems. how
wrote "", the actress allegedly re-discovered tuberculosis (such a diagnosis
put in 27 years), and she is undergoing chemotherapy. There are rumors that,
supposedly this is a made-up diagnosis, but the real one is much

Sophia Rotaru with her grandson. Photo:


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