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Adverse effects of the vaccine against the Covid? It could all be a problem of “perception”, if not suggestion, in two out of three cases. These are the surprising conclusions of an extensive analysis of the 12 studies for sera Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Novavax, Sanofi Pasteur e Clover conducted by researchers from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Bidmc), Harvard Medical School in Boston in collaboration with Endicott College, Beverly in Massachusetts, Weill Cornell Medical College in New York and Philipps University Marburg in Germany.

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The study, published in the journal Jama Network Open, underlines how two out of three adverse events within a week of vaccination could be the result, in fact, of the famous “placebo effect“. Pure suggestion. To be exact, when dealing with the perception of a negative effect, it is more correct to speak of”walnut effect“, but the discussion does not change. Based on the data collected by the researchers comparing the reports of 22,578 subjects who had received a placebo (ie a solution totally devoid of active ingredients and therefore harmless) instead of the vaccine (without knowing it, how from practice) with those of 22,802 subjects who had been administered the true Covid vaccine, it appears that the systemic adverse effects found such as fatigue, fever, headache or fatigue were found by 35% of the people who received the placebo after the first dose and 32% after the second.

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“Significantly – emphasizes the Journal, reporting the research data – more side effects were reported in the vaccinated groups, but those in the placebo group (” nocebo responses “) accounted for 76% of systemic adverse events, after the first dose of vaccine and 51.8% after the second dose “. Second Ted Kaptchuk, a Harvard professor among the authors of the study, “some people may mistakenly attribute some common symptoms or sensations to the vaccine; furthermore, anxiety and worry about undergoing the vaccine could put vaccinated on alert and therefore make them more sensitive to symptoms that otherwise they would not care “.

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