Sidewalks reserved for smartphone users in China

In Chongqing, China, sidewalks have been designed especially for smartphone addicts. ©DR

Do you know the phubbers? These people so engrossed in their smartphones that they don’t look where they step and bump into you. To avoid such incidents, the Chinese group Meixin has found THE solution. In the city of Chongqing, residents who can’t put down their phones for a walk now have sidewalks reserved for them.

An experiment in the United States

“There are a lot of old people and children on our streets and walking with your mobile phone can cause unnecessary collisions,” explains in the South China Morning Post Nong Chang, marketing manager of Meixin. Thus, the group in charge of the development of this part of the city drew pictograms along the sidewalks to indicate to the “phubbers” where they should walk.

This experience is not entirely new. Last July, the National Geographic had already separated smartphone addicts from the rest of the pedestrians in Washington.

Maxime Quema

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