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last monday The index opened in positive territory around 9 points as US stocks rose on Friday. As investors eased concerns about inflation and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike plans.

The stocks that have adjusted the market leading are energy stocks. Electronics and retail, resulting in the SET Index closed at 1,580.20 points +11.44 points +0.73% turnover 59,201 million baht Foreign +1,676.09 million baht TFEX +15,408 contracts Fixed income -554.03 million baht.

positive factor

+ WTI crude futures were up $1.95, or 1.8%, at $109.57/barrel. driven by the forecast that Global oil supplies will face tighter conditions after the G7 nations confirmed tougher sanctions on Russia to stem President Vladimir Putin’s war-time source of income.
US durable goods orders rose 0.7% in May after a 0.4% gain in April, helped by auto orders.
+ US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping plan to hold talks in the coming weeks.
+ Four major U.S. banks – Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Wells Fargo – announced higher dividend payouts after undergoing stress tests.
+ The Bank of Thailand sees that there is no need to adjust the inflation target from 1-3%, estimating that inflation will increase in the short term due to external factors such as oil prices that are out of control. This gives the possibility that inflation will go out of the target range. He confirmed that the medium-term inflation target of 1-3% is appropriate for the Thai economy.
+ EXAT issued an announcement informing airlines to adjust new measures to enter the country No need to register for Thailand Pass if fully vaccinated. No need to test for covids, starting on July 1, it is recommended to wear a mask on the plane. cause it’s a closed area
+Window Dressing near the end of the quarterly financial statements for the period ending June 30, 20

negative factors

+/- The Prof. reports the situation of the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus. in the country today Found 1,761 new cases, 2,151 ATK, 13 deaths, 2,185 recovered.
– The Dow closed down 62.42 points -0.20%, pressured by selling growth stocks (Growth Stocks), which is sensitive to interest rates. While investors look forward to the release of the US 1Q65 GDP numbers tomorrow.
– President of the World Bank revealed that the world economy is facing “Heavy slowdown” from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Some countries are hard to avoid a recession.
– Military forces in Sri Lanka mobilize to help organize people’s lines to buy gasoline. Amid Sri Lanka’s worst fuel shortages and economic crisis in seven decades.
– The head of the European Union (EU) Energy Commission said the EU was close to facing an energy crisis as Russia cuts its natural gas supply to the EU.
– In the case of an upward trend in interest rates, it affects people who are burdened with household debt, which is currently rising more than 90% of GDP and is the 11th highest in the world. Worrying about low income groups 20% Income 1 Ten thousand baht, expenses 1.2 thousand baht

market trend today

Expect the index today to swing in a sideways manner, with investors eyeing the release of the US Q1 GDP figures tomorrow. While domestic factors are still looking forward to window dressing of institutional investors this week, look at the movement frame today at 1,570-1,585 points.

investment strategy

• The MPC has a chance to raise interest rates in the second half of the year KBANK SCB BBL KTB TISCO
• Benefit from government tourism stimulus measures : ERW CENTEL BA AAV AOT ASAP SPA
• Stocks included in the index calculation for the second half of the year: SET50 in BLA JMT JMART out COM7 RATCH STGT , SET100 in FORTH ONEE PSL TIPH out BPP RS SIRI TVO

special report stock

positive points for travel groups

• The number of tourists Jan.-May 65 totaled 1.31 million people, a significant increase, an increase of 3,676%YoY, while the total number of tourists in the year 64 was 420 billion after the government canceled the Thailand Pass. Travel to Thailand continues to increase. The FPO expects that in the year 65 there will be 7 million tourists, a growth of 1,536% from last year, indicating that the number of tourists in the second half of the year will accelerate.

• We have a view on the tourism sector as the number of tourists is likely to accelerate in the second half of which CENTEL and ERW will benefit, as most hotels are located in Thailand, 80% and 90% respectively, while AOT will. Benefit from airport service users both inbound and outbound including revenue from aircraft landing

stocks have news

(+) NRF (Bloomberg consensus – Baht) NRF joins forces with WINMED to distribute dietary supplements Expanding the line of e-commerce business, bringing best-selling products on Amazon to enter the Thai market, starting Q4/22, indicating a large market of 30 billion baht, continuing to negotiate M&A deals on Amazon, expecting 3 years to close more than 10 deals, raising the depreciation of the baht The transportation problem was resolved, pushing the flow of orders. This year, the revenue growth target is maintained at 50-70% and in 2023, the growth is not less than 50% (source in time for the stock).

(+) MAJOR (Bloomberg consensus 24.09 baht) Response to prepare to announce COVID-19 endemic Supporting ticket sales by 100% from the current 75% sold, increasing the showtimes back to normal at 6-7 rounds per day from the present showing 4-5 rounds per day. Keep an eye out for the second half of the year after Thai-Thai new films. There are plenty of screening queues. (Source: Tan stock)

(+) KEX (Bloomberg consensus 18.98 baht) Confident at the end of the year, turnaround results after Covid-19 eases down, price competition Continuing to expand the business Reiterating this year’s shipping volume to grow by 30%. Prepare to deliver express delivery service Kerry XL for large items. Expected to be clearer at the end of this year (source stock news)

(+) CKP (Bloomberg consensus 6.50 baht) Benefit from pre-season rain Plus, recognize the increase in investment in Xayaburi power plant to boost revenue in 2Q/22, keeping an eye on the peak performance in 3Q/22 after entering the high season of hydropower plants. and high of solar power plants in the 4th quarter of 2022 (Source, Tan shares)