Sign: San Juan had the country’s first return to schools, it was voluntary and with 70% of students

According to a survey of the local Education portfolio accessed Scope, attendance in the morning shift was 70.46%. The breakdown showed 49% (in the primary) and 67.12% (secondary). In those of Technical Education it was 76.44%. But if the magnifying glass is put only in the primary and secondary private management, it climbed to 89.28%. Tonight the dissemination of the late shift attendance percentages was delayed.

“It is his historic step for the Argentine educational system”. In the qualifier, the Minister of National Education agreed, Nicolas Trotta, and the Peronist Sergio Uñac, the political protagonists of this first day of the “new educational normality”, which was followed closely by the rest of the governors.

In the framework of a majority of provinces still without a return to school date due to the zigzags of the contagion curve, One does: Raúl Jalil, from Catamarca, summoned students from rural schools to restart classes next Tuesday.The country celebrates the step that San Juan is taking and that is essential so that other provinces with the same sanitary status can begin to advance in a safe return”To the classrooms, Trotta raised.

Expectation and protocol

“I really want to study and be with my classmates, I missed them a lot,” he said. Rodrigo, 11 years old, at the 12 de Agosto School. “They told us that we have to respect cleanliness, so we are preparing,” he said. Juan Ignacio, of 12.

In San Juan, that transits Phase 5 and has the lowest score of confirmed cases in the country -22-That return had to respect a sanitary protocol agreed with the National Ministry of Education and the rest of the provinces.

In addition to having a limited character (the five departments of Greater San Juan, with the highest demographic density, were left for later), He was a volunteer, in the face of the fears that cross the educational community in the country. For the families that chose not to send their children, a virtual teaching scaffolding or with booklets was designed.

“The word ‘volunteer’ has had the opposite effect; If we had put “mandatory” the parents might have been upset, but we told them that all the conditions are in place due to the low level of contagion and this morning all the boys were there”, Highlighted this Monday Uñac.

The governor thus referred to attendance at the remodeled 12 de Agosto School in Pocito, which was repopulated with white overalls. There was the central act after 9 o’clock, with the participation -via videoconference- of Trotta; from the lieutenant governor Roberto Gattoni and the provincial Minister of Education, Felipe De los Ríos. The official survey later confirmed that look.

The restart had to respect the instructions imposed by the protocol. That is why the mandatory nature of the mask and the distance in classrooms (at least 1.5 meters) and recesses (at least 2 meters), the measurement of body temperature when entering and the measures of personal hygiene and disinfection of surfaces and objects prevailed . Each student received a hygiene kit and the teachers received disinfected acetate masks.

It was the debut of the “bubble classrooms”, with up to 15 students per grade and banks in groups of two to four, looking at the center, to limit the quarantine to each group against potential infections. The grades with more than 15 students were divided into two groups, with attendance every other week and combined with remote teaching.

The pioneering experience of San Juan will leave lessons and suggestions for the path that, sooner or later, the rest of the provinces will have to face.

“Economy in full operation”

In a day that made San Juan the center of national attention, Uñac highlighted the joint work with the Ministry of Education to design and agree on a “responsible” and monitored return to face-to-face classes.

But the president expanded the magnifying glass and inserted the step taken this Monday in the context of the present San Juan, which boasts the virtue of having the lowest number (22) of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country, which places it comfortably in Phase 5.

“The economy is fully operational in the province of San Juan, and it was an obligation in the land of (Domingo Faustino) Sarmiento to generate the return to face-to-face classes”, He emphasized in dialogue with Novaresio 910 (La Red).

And he scored in that batch -with compliance with rigorous protocols through- to “agriculture, livestock, industry, commerce, domestic tourism, mining, public and private construction works, sports -except football- and cultural and recreational activities.”


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