Signa Tetlatlahuca agreement in favor of education with SEPE

Tlaxcala, Tlax., October 28, 2021 (Editorial Office) .-During the visit of Homero Meneses, Secretary of Public Education in the State, the Tetlatlahuca city council chaired by Pablo Angulo signed a collaboration agreement in favor of education.

The foregoing, to work in coordination with the State Government through the SEPE in educational matters.

In this regard, the municipality specified that, in Tetlatlahuca there is a commitment to the construction of a municipality where girls, boys and adolescents can aspire to a better life.

“Friend Secretary, I ask you with great respect to take a greeting from us to the governor, here we are committed to building a municipality that offers better living conditions to our girls, boys, youth and adolescents”

The agreement includes the education workers in Tetlatlahuca, to whom he informed, the government headed by Lorena Cuéllar will know the needs of the education sector and the city council will work to do what it takes.

“We are a government that is clear that academic preparation is the engine that can transform the reality of Tetlatlahuca, here we will continue working with heart and results”