Significant Decrease in Storm Damage Payouts: Insurance Industry in Baden-Württemberg Pays Out Only 285 Million Euros in 2022

Insurers had to spend significantly less on storm damage in Baden-Württemberg in 2022. A total of around 285 million euros were paid out, as announced by the General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV) in Berlin. Of this amount, 172 million euros went to property insurers for damage to houses, household goods, commercial and industrial companies and 113 million euros to motor vehicle insurers. In the previous year, the insurance industry had to pay 1.4 billion euros for the damage.

The GDV statistics only record insured damage. But not all buildings are fully protected nationwide. While almost all residential buildings in Baden-Württemberg are protected against storms, hail and natural hazards, the national average is only 52 percent with all-round protection.

According to the association, the damage caused by storm and hail in the south-west fell by more than half compared to the previous year. With 10.3 (2021: 23.6) damage reports per 1000 residential building insurance contracts, Baden-Württemberg is the least affected. According to the report, the frequency of claims for storm and hail damage is 35.2 damage reports on average across Germany. Most of the damage was in Lower Saxony with 66.8 reports.


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2023-05-31 15:11:05
Less expenditure by insurers for storm damage – Baden-Württemberg

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