Signs of the World’s Coal ‘Apocalypse’ in Sight!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The end of the use of coal as an energy source is in sight. The reason is that many countries in the world are starting to plan to reduce and stop the use of the ‘black gold’ for the reason of reducing emissions.

These steps were strengthened by the existence of a multilateral agreement at the COP26 climate summit forum in Glasgow, Scotland. Most recently, around 190 countries and organizations attending the Glasgow COP26 Summit reportedly signed an agreement to retire coal-fired power plants.

The agreement covers major coal-using countries, including Canada, Poland, Ukraine and Vietnam. They have committed to phase out coal-fired power generation by the 2030s for developed countries and large economies and by the 2040s for smaller economies.

From within the country itself, it is reported that Indonesia is ready to early ‘retire’ coal-fired power plants in 2040 as a form of Indonesia’s commitment to anticipating climate change that threatens the world. This is faster than estimates where Indonesia was previously targeted to be free of coal pollution by 2060.

Here are some facts that prove that the coal ‘doomsday’ is indeed getting closer.