Sigrid Kaag speaks in court about impact of death threat | Inland

During the police court hearing, a 43-year-old man is on trial who not only threatened Kaag, but also the outgoing Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge with death. The Dutchman living in Spain has been detained for more than a week. He was arrested in the weekend of 2 October during a visit to the Netherlands.

The man is said to have placed the threatening texts on Facebook, on the public Facebook group of D66 in North Brabant and the Facebook page of De Jonge. “I hereby inform you that I am going to attack Sigrid Kaag before midnight tonight and injure her in such a way that she is either dead or can never perform her function again,” the suspect would have written under the profile name X on September 30.

Two weeks earlier, the man would have threatened Hugo de Jonge. “From tomorrow you can look around you every second. I’ll pay the first, second and also the last bullet for you! I will do everything I can to this To stop this German behavior. The whole of the Netherlands nods yes. From now on I will stop nodding and take action!”

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