Sikka Health Office Records 95 DHF Cases, 33 People Are Still Undergoing Treatment

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Maumere, – The Sikka District Health Office noted that Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) had reached 95 cases as of 30 January 2023.

Head of the Sikka District Health Office, Petrus Herlemus said, out of 95 cases of dengue fever, 62 people were declared cured and the remaining 33 people were still undergoing treatment.

“Patients who are still in the treatment process are as many as 33 people, consisting of 29 cases being treated at RSUD dr. TC Hilers Maumere and four cases at St. Gabriel Kewapante,” Herlemus told Ekora NTT on Monday, January 30 2023.

Pediatrician, Mario B. Nara said, specifically at TC Hospital. Hillers, there are 25 children and four adults currently being treated.

He admitted, DHF cases in January 2023 had increased compared to December 2022. This was because five to six children were admitted to the hospital every day.

Mario advised parents to pay attention to their children’s health amidst the current weather. Parents should pay attention to the symptoms of DHF in children.

“If a child has a fever for 2-5 days accompanied by headaches, body aches, nausea, vomiting or nosebleeds, bleeding gums and red spots on the skin, immediately take them to the nearest health facility for a physical examination,” he said.

Herlemus also explained the number of dengue cases in the last few years. In 2019, DHF reached 620 cases, then increased to 1,816 cases in 2020.

DHF cases fell the following year to 183 cases and increased again in 2022 to 466 cases.

Herlemus also appealed to the public to keep their environment clean by eradicating mosquito nests, burying used goods, and draining water reservoirs.

“The Health Service through the nearest Puskesmas is conducting education, socialization, and fogging to eradicate the spread of dengue cases in Sikka Regency,” he explained.

“To date fogging it has been carried out at four points, namely, Uneng City Sub-District, two locations, Tanaduen Village, and Nele Wutung Village,” he said.

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