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At first, Sikorski’s entry caused a great deal of indignation in the country, but as it concerned the hottest topic of international politics, it was obvious that the uproar would not stop at the Polish border.
The Russians thank you, Giertych weapons

The Kremlin very quickly picked up on a publication that was favorable to it, which began to spread through traditional and online channels of Russian disinformation. Sikorski’s words, assuming, of course, the most gracious version for him, about simple failure to control the keyboard and misunderstanding of the consequences of this behavior, fell from the skies of the Russians. “Polish MEP and former Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski wrote on Twitter thanks to the United States for today’s accident on Russian gas pipelines. Is this an official statement about a terrorist attack? ” – asked Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for Putin’s diplomacy, and Dmitry Polanski, the representative of Russia at the UN, thanked the PO politician for identifying the perpetrators of the pipes’ destruction. Finally, the printout of Sikorski’s entry at the UN forum was waved by the Russian ambassador to the organization himself.

The matter could not be silenced, so it was criticized not only by PiS politicians, but also by representatives of a part of the opposition, especially the Left. Finally, Donald Tusk commented on the matter with quite sparing dissatisfaction, although it took him a long time to come to terms with this reaction. When Tusk gave the signal, other party representatives also began to speak, but it was immediately announced that although the PO was distancing itself from the entry, it was not going to punish him. And this, according to the Platform, should be the end of the matter, as most of the editors agreed. At subsequent press conferences and in interviews with PO politicians, the topic was virtually non-existent.

Even in the face of the international scandal, Sikorski found his defenders. Roman Giertych, in his subsequent entries, even tried to create the impression that all the confusion is primarily a proof of how important a figure of world politics is the former head of diplomacy, and also the great role of his wife Anne Applebaum in current US politics. Sikorski was also defended by Rafał Trzaskowski, although here I would not be sure whether, contrary to appearances, it was not an intended disservice, because recently there has been a lot of publicity about the ministerial aspirations of the president of Warsaw, which relate to the same area that Sikorski was to be appointed to deal with, i.e. diplomacy. The Twitter jump was supposed to weaken the PO’s enthusiasm for the resident of the manor in Chobielin to take over the reins of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the same time, however, in the media space there appeared ideas that sounded extremely absurd, but presented as seriously as possible, for Radosław Sikorski to be a presidential candidate in 2025. According to Renata Grochal from Newsweek, “Sikorski has excellent international contacts. Previously, he was the head of the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that is, he held ministerial positions in two key competences of the president ”.

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What about Washington?

The question is whether the issue of excellent contacts does not require an urgent and radical revision. As you can easily guess, in the United States the accusation on the part of the former chief of diplomacy did not elicit enthusiasm and the fact that he was noticed would probably not be an advantage for him in the near or distant future.
It is impossible to avoid the question of whether in America Sikorski did harm only to himself or also to Poland. Yes, American politics, like ours, more and more resemble tribal struggles for destruction, but when the problem is caused by a person considered to be an important figure in the political establishment, it may harm the perception not only of himself and his party, but also of the entire political class of the state. Anyway, America showed enormous patience with Sikorski, considering his approach to relations between our countries, revealed on tapes, which did not change significantly after that.

It is also worth mentioning the recent meeting of opposition leaders with the participation of the US ambassador, during which the representatives of the Platform strongly criticized the purchases of weapons made in America. Will ambassador Brzezinski rise above his political sympathies and connect all those dots, not at all burdensome towards good relations with the USA?

Political chameleon ambitions

Let us return for a moment to the issue of promoting Sikorski as a presidential candidate. Today this idea sounds extremely absurd, but does it mean that it will definitely not be taken into account? Sikorski’s ambitions are undoubtedly endless, and he has supporters still influential on the side of the opposition, led by Roman Giertyk. There are two more years until the elections, so there is enough time to train colleagues and voters. And yet the latter see nothing wrong with the politician’s action. Ultimately, his statement offended PiS the most, and this is the most important thing in their understanding of politics or the interest of the state.
And a reflection on our recent history – it is terrifying where we were 12 years ago, when two people clashed in the presidential primaries in the Platform, against whom the same accusation of playing in favor of Russia can be formulated. The circumstances of Tusk’s resignation from the presidency could turn out to be much more interesting than the only remembered chandelier chandelier. As well as the details of Lech Kaczyński’s disagreement (unfortunately doomed to failure) on the appointment of Sikorski to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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At the same time, which, unfortunately, must be admitted, the right wing was taking on Sikorski for a long time. A journalist with the legend of Afghanistan, an educated world activist and a right-wing patriot, he made an impression for years, although it was to a large extent a mixture of the same self-creation and buffoon as it is today. And yet, a sufficient warning signal should be the circumstances of the expulsion of the young, still less than thirty-year-old Radek Sikorski from the government of Jan Olszewski, in which he was the deputy minister of national defense, first with Jan Parys, and then, briefly, with Romuald Szeremietiew. And it is Sheremetev who tells the portal wPolityce today how the deputy minister settled in the palace belonging to the ministry, making use of the representative premises and the service assigned to it at will. Sikorski refused to move Sheremetyev to the ministerial hotel, and as a result had to leave the ministry. As we know, he stayed in politics, and his expensive tastes and habits remained with him – and with us – until today.

The pro-Russian statements and actions of the ex-minister gathered in one place are impressive. We have Ukraine there in 2014, and now, and participation in Russian disinformation after April 10, we are finally promoting the idea of ​​accepting and financing the stay of Russian deserters in the European Union. There are many questions about the motives, followed by more questions – about the MEP’s income. It will not dry up so easily, even if political cabinets, pressure groups and editorial offices will work together to forget the matter.

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