Sila Sahin-Radlinger cuts off her hair

Since the violent death of Mahsa Amini, numerous celebrities have shown solidarity with the women of Iran. This also includes the actress Sila Sahin-Radlinger.

Sila Sahin-Radlinger parted with her long mane – for good reason. – imago/eventfoto54


the essentials in brief

  • After the violent death of Mahsa Amini, many stars cut their hair.
  • This to show solidarity with the women and men protesting in Iran.
  • Now the German actress Sila Sahin-Radlinger has decided to do the same.

More and more stars are showing solidarity with the courageous women and men who are demonstrating in Iran for women’s freedom rights. One of them is the Turkish-born German actress Sila Sahin-Radlinger (36).

She has now joined other stars like Juliette Binoche (58) and cut her hair in front of the camera. She shared the video on Instagram.

However, the focus is not only on Sahin-Radlinger’s hair, but also on the slogan that is in the background. «Woman, Life Freedom. Jin-Jiyan-Azadî” is written on a piece of white paper, which means “woman, life, freedom” in German. This saying has been the slogan of the Kurdish freedom movement for years.

Death of Mahsa Amini sparks unrest in Iran

A few weeks ago, the 22-year-old Iranian Mahsa Amini (known by her Kurdish name as Jîna Amini) died. This was after she was taken into custody by the country’s vice squad. She was arrested for allegedly not wearing her hijab correctly.

Three days later she succumbed to her severe head injuries in the hospital. Nobody knows exactly what happened. However, human rights activists suspect that Amini was severely abused in her detention.

Mahsa Amini
Memorial to Mahsa Amini in Los Angeles. – AFP

After Amini’s death, unrest broke out in Iran. Numerous people take to the streets to protest against the misogynist laws in force there. Various human rights organizations are already reporting several deaths.

However, little information gets out to the rest of the world. In Iran, the Internet was largely switched off at the beginning of the protests.

Stars draw attention to protests

Stars focused attention on the fate of the people of Iran. French actresses like Binoche, for example, showed solidarity by cutting off strands of hair in an Instagram video. The core of the Iranian protests is, among other things, that men and women cut their hair on the street. Celebrities like Bella Hadid (25) and Jessica Chastain (45) have already shared educational posts on their Instagram channels.

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