Silence unseals its entry into the Nissan factory in exchange for keeping 10% of the workforce


11/05/2022 – 13:01

Although later than expected Silence finally reached an agreement to close its fit in the reindustrialization of Nissan. After threatening for several months to take its expansion out of Catalonia if it was not guaranteed its own space in the Zona Franca plant (Barcelona), this Wednesday it agreed with the administrations and the Japanese car company to enter the facility. It will be in exchange for keeping 110 workers from the old manufacturer’s staff.

The Minister of Business and Labor, Roger Torrentmade public this Wednesday the agreement with the subsidiary of Acciona during the control session of the Parliament al Govern. “Tonight an agreement has been reached between the Silence management and the Nissan works council,” he celebrated. The pact will allow “the hiring of a good part of the Nissan workers who lost their jobs,” he added.

The leader also pointed out that after the meeting held until late at night by the reindustrialization table, it has been possible to unblock the negotiation on the future of Nissan’s land in Barcelona, ​​which will be divided between Silence; the decarbonization hub led by QEV, Btech and Improva; and a logistics operator yet to be defined.

For its part, the works council lowered the euphoria of the Generalitat. Union sources explained to elEconomista that the motorcycle company will keep 110 of the 1,200 employees to be relocated, less than 10% of the total. It will be with the same conditions that they had in Nissan and for a minimum period of three years.

The unions had called a demonstration this Wednesday to protest the delays in the reindustrialization procedure.

In front of the headquarters of the Business Department they confirmed the agreement, but they warned: “It seems that the process is already finished because we have closed the agreement with Silence; it is a start, but things are not going in the right direction”.

The staff maintains its anger at the slowness of the Government and the Generalitat when it comes to giving entry to the investor who stays with the Nissan plant. “The delays continue despite having understood each other with Silence”, denounced the CCOO representative, Miguel Ángel Boiza.

Workers ask for more speed Barcelona Free Zone Consortium, the owner of the land, for the drafting of the contest that must award all the infrastructure. The entity hired the Roca Junyent law firm to design the award, which should be ready in the coming weeks.

Silence accelerates his entry into the Free Zone after threatening to leave

With the agreement, Silence speeds up its landing at the Barcelona facility. Although it seems complicated that he can enter the plant on July 1, as he demanded, he does obtain guarantees that a part of the plant will remain in his hands. If you didn’t get them, the firm headed by Carlos Sotelo had threatened to take its expansion plans elsewhere.

After failing to win the satellite plant in Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona), the manufacturer of electric motorcycles reserves 55,000 square meters in the Zona Franca to assemble a two-seater electric minicar called S04.

The sources consulted by elEconomista They point out that the organization is negotiating with Seat to market the model. Silence already produces the Seat Mó 125 zero-emission motorcycle.

The logistics contest delays until July the reindustrialization of Nissan in Barcelona