Silk Sonic – An Evening With Silk Sonic (Aftermath-Atlantic)

He named them no less than Bootsy Collins. That’s already something, right? Nor is it turkey mucus that Silk Sonic be a super duo formed by two of the most contrasted talents of the r’n’b. A more consecrated one -and already totally mainstream, even your grandmother knows him- who is named Bruno Mars and another on the verge of becoming very famous, known as Anderson.Paak, like this, with the dot in the middle. The second was the opening act for the first on his 2017 tour 24k Gold World Tour. From the friendship that arose and from a collaboration of both, nothing less than with Nile Rodgers and its Chic, the idea that now, potential listener, you are about to taste was born.

We have to go back to last March to remember the profound impact that the project’s presentation single had, a “Leave the door open” that captured all the flavor of those productions of Gamble & Huff (with Thom Bell to the arrangements) that built what is known as the Philadelphia sound, or Philly Soul. Finding two musicians so oriented to formula radio doing an exercise in vintage vindication as elegant and well-equipped as this one left absolutely everyone speechless. Of course, the presentation of the music was accompanied by a video of the most retro and its live performance before half the planet at the gala of the Grammys This year’s, unsurprisingly, generated plenty of anticipation.

In July, with the suffocating heat, came the torrid disco piece “Skate”. All an incitement to dance, an absolutely perfect single, which finally signaled the duo as something more than anecdotal. It was beginning to seem that this was not just a diversion at the hands of two compadres on the crest of the wave. The songs are well thought out, produced with skill and without forgetting their current context, bombings to the assault of the streaming. Resounding success in the embryonic phase.

The entire album, therefore, has been awaited by many and many like manna. The question, was it really that bad? Is imposed. And finally, the truth is that this album will not go down in history as a catharsis in the history of soul, nor does it pretend to. But of course it does suppose a -short- enjoyment both for connoisseurs and for anyone with ears who approaches an artifact that, yes, does what it promises. About. A party seventies with a lapel shirt, gold chain and heels under the hanging mirror ball, enlivened by the best music made with a rear-view mirror that two highly talented composers can illuminate.

The songs of An Evening With Silk Sonic They have been cooked over a low heat and also, in luxury. Paak and Mars They have counted for their production and composition with two exceptional collaborators, D’Mile and Christopher Brody Brown, both buried under countless awards Grammy, as well as an absolutely overwhelming list of collaborators: in addition to the aforementioned Bootsy, we have Thundercat, Boo Mitchell, Charles Moniz O Babyface. It is an album, therefore, that has nothing of a joke. It is done thoroughly. A strong bet.

The result of all this is encrypted in 9 songs that last exactly 31 minutes and 19 seconds. Conciseness -some would call it rashness- which in my opinion benefits a product that does not always hit the mark, but maintains a remarkable level. Sometimes excellent. Remarkable are, especially, the funk outbursts, surely sponsored by the always electrifying Anderson.Paak, as are “777” or “Fly as me”, the most enjoyable and danceable together with the single “Skate”, which commands in its own right.

The rest, “falls” at halftime and a romantic ballad, always slippery terrain that gives them unequal fortune. The aforementioned “Leave the door open” wins by a landslide, the rest of the songs of a similar cut and bill seem like their little brothers. “After last night” -in which they collaborate Bootsy and the very fashionable Thundercat– It seems a kind of tribute to the torrid songs that the Ohio Players, yes, with a modern touch. “Smokin out the window” speeds up the pulse somewhat and is effective in that kind of pairing philly souHe with phrasing close to hip-hop. Closer to the first of these elements is “Put on a smile”, with an excess of sugar that makes it cloying, something that the final “Blast off” is not too far from, despite the fact that Paak gives it a little more mandanga with your interpretation.

In general, perhaps the album is a bit at half gas compared to what its advances promised, but what there is no doubt is that it is a product well done enough to be considered for what it is: a translation of the past. to the present without nostalgia or imitations that proposes a liberating hedonism that, yes, it is fully achieved only sometimes throughout its short footage. Maybe – hopefully – if there are new chapters in this story, this peculiar duo will finally be able to do their best.

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