SOCHI, February 14 – RIA News. Possible sanctions against the Russian national debt will hit primarily foreigners, said First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov.

“If we are talking about debt, I have repeatedly said that first of all we really see a reverse interest in our debt from foreign investors. This will hit foreigners first of all. They will shoot themselves in the leg,” Siluanov said on the sidelines of the investment forum in Sochi.

The Minister noted that the possible restrictions are unpleasant, but the authorities are ready for them.

According to Siluanov, the Central Bank and the government have prepared the necessary support measures in the event of sanctions against Russian banks.

"There is liquidity here, and there is government support for such banks so that depositors do not suffer in any way so that settlements are made in these banks," he added.

On the eve of the US senators introduced a bill that provides for serious new sanctions against the Russian banking and energy sector, as well as against the national debt of the country. Restrictions are proposed for "interference in the elections in the United States", "malicious influence in Syria" and for "aggression in Ukraine."

The Russian Investment Forum takes place in Sochi on February 14-15. MIA "Russia Today" is the general information partner of the forum.



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