Silvana’s struggle to distribute panties to trans women in the SUS

Silvana Bento, 45, invented special panties for trans women and managed to change the lives of those who suffered from health problems resulting from the practice of using duct tape or super glue to hide their genitals. Now, the entrepreneur seeks support in a petition online to be able to distribute the product via the Unified Health System.

From Guaianases, on the outskirts of São Paulo, Silvana worked as a hemotherapy technician in hospitals in the city. In her routine, she constantly came across transgender women among patients undergoing hemodialysis. When questioning doctors and nurses about the reason, she discovered that they lost their kidneys because of serious urinary tract infections caused by the need to “warm up” (hide) their genitals.

From the drama of witnessing one of these patients die in front of her, Silvana took away the desire to do something so that these stories would not be repeated. Thus, she invented the “trucss”, a lingerie that has a funnel between the legs and allows trans women who want or need to hide their genitalia to do so safely.

“I was infusing a bag of blood into her [na paciente] while she was on hemodialysis. Then she looked at me, made a ‘beauty’ sign with her hands and ended up dying because she couldn’t wait for a kidney transplant, even though she had been in line for a month”, recalls the entrepreneur.

According to Silvana, offering this security to trans women is a health issue and, therefore, needs proper attention from the SUS. When they are “hot”, transgender women can spend the whole day holding their urine because they can’t use the bathroom. The recurrence of this practice can lead to urinary tract infection and, later, to kidney impairment, surgeries, hemodialysis and even waiting on the transplant waiting list.

To try to sensitize health authorities, the entrepreneur launched an internet campaign. In the form of a petition, Silvana appeals: “For the Health of Trans Women! We want the special panties provided by the SUS”. Hosted on the platformthe campaign has already received the support of more than two thousand people and remains open.

“I decided to put my pieces in the SUS due to the value. The pieces have a slightly high price and are not so accessible for trans girls, given that 90% of them do not have a steady job and work in prostitution”, says the entrepreneur. With a patent since 2016, Silvana is now trying to get a seal from the National Health Surveillance Agency to then take the demand for free distribution to the Ministry of Health.

Public utility invention

With a background in education and health, Silvana says she doesn’t know how to sew a button, doesn’t know anything about sales, marketing or confection. It was her empathy for the trans patients she saw that motivated her to face this new universe. Currently, she dedicates herself exclusively to the business she created, encouraged by the feedbacks it receives from customers.

“My product is of public utility. I come from the healthcare field, and that’s why I created this piece,” she says. “I created this piece uniquely and exclusively to help trans girls. The receptivity is very good, whoever buys it once never runs out of it again. It’s the feedback is always positive.”

to create the lingerie In particular, the entrepreneur asked the patients how they managed to hide their genitalia with the duct tape. Based on the reports, she teamed up with a fashion designer and developed the panties, which have an elastic waistband, a funnel between the legs and a clasp closure located at the height of the coccyx. THE lingerie part of the same method as the tape, but leaves the person free to use the bathroom when needed.

From choosing what name to give the lingerie even what the color of her brand would be, Silvana dedicated her love to the cause. “When I came up with this brand, it was right around the time when they were appearing in the media: ‘boys wear blue and boys wear pink’. The combination of these two colors gives lilac, the color I chose for my brand.”

In the logo, the entrepreneur uses two letters “s”, one of which is inverted to form a heart. “I’m very heart, I usually joke that I’m the girls’ mother. And the name ‘trucss’, with that heart, is all lowercase to show that, despite being different, we are all the same”, explains Silvana, defending, in the petition, that people do not need to belong to the LGBTQIA+ community to help in the cause. that is getting up.


Silvana does not have a physical store and uses different platforms for sales, such as a site provided by businesswoman Cristiana Arcangeli, Instagram and WhatsApp. The most basic piece costs around 70 reais. “My pieces are not on the market, it was an invention patent. There are similar panties for trans women, however, you have to use duct tape underneath. The other panties are used to cover this adhesive tape that the trans woman or whoever needs to have the crotch without volume will put on. Mine don’t need the use of tape.”

To support the cause of Silvana and trans women who depend on the free distribution of special panties, via SUS, visit: