Silver for Baden-Württemberg and Hanover

07/14/2022 | 3:15 p.m. | fn-press

Title for Annika Richter and Yannik Pferdmenges

Yannick Pferdmenges from the Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch wins the individual ranking at the World Championships for Young Breeders 2022 in Ermelo ahead of Lucas Paulix (ZV Brandenburg-Anhalt) and Laura Schuldt (Hanoverian Association). Photo private

Ermelo/NED (fn-press). With strong performances by their junior team, the Irish young breeders won the world championships in the Dutch horse center in Ermelo ahead of their German colleagues from the Hanoverian Association and the Baden-Württemberg Horse Breeding Association.

A total of 139 participants aged 15 to 19 years (juniors) and 20 to 25 years (seniors) represented 22 breed associations from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Sweden, the host Netherlands and for the first time also from Latvia. Germany was represented by twelve breeding associations. The world championship traditionally consists of four parts, which were weighted differently for the first time this year.

The first part was a theoretical test with 25 questions about horses, which 22 participants in the juniors and 16 in the seniors finished with the same number of points in first place. In the second part of the competition, horses had to be judged while running and running free – easy prey for the Holsteiners: Eva Maria Speck won here ahead of the two second-placed L. Halvarsson from Sweden (SWB) and Franziska Schwarz from the Bavarian Breeding Association. In the seniors, first place went to E. Pouw from the host breeding association KWPN ahead of Merlin Campe (Hannoverian Verband) and L. Jansa from Denmark (DWB).

The victory in part three – conformation assessment – went to Sophie Brandt from the Mecklenburg Breeding Association in the juniors category, in the seniors category Yannik Pferdemenges from the Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch and the Belgian E. Vandrope shared first place, followed by Carolin Wolpert (ZV Baden-Württemberg). rank three.

A regular highlight of the World Championships is bringing out and showing a horse in hand on the triangular track, which is always loudly applauded by the team members. The participants have around five minutes to familiarize themselves with their show horse. In the seniors category, the podium in this section was entirely occupied by German participants: First place went to Marie Determann from the Oldenburg Verband, followed by Jaqueline Breimer from the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch and Lukas Paulix from ZV Brandenburg-Anhalt. In the juniors, the participants from Ireland struck. They won gold and double bronze, and there was silver for Sandra Maneke from ZV Baden-Württemberg.

In the end it was also the representatives of the Irish Sport Horse Studbook (ISH) who won the junior team ranking ahead of the Trakehners and the ZV Baden-Württemberg as well as the overall ranking. The title of Vice World Champion is shared by the Horse Breeding Association of Baden-Württemberg and the Hanoverian Association, which also provided the winning team for the seniors with Merlina Campe, Sarah Scherer, Laura Schuldt and Wiebke Poppe.

In the overall individual rating, Antonia Ritter from the Brandenburg-Anhalt Breeding Association was able to prevail against the two Irishmen Aoife Kirby and Shane Donohoe. Among the older horses, young German breeders shared the first seven places, starting with Yannick Pferdmenges from the Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch, followed by Lucas Paulix (Brandenburg-Anhalt Breeding Association) and Laura Schuldt (Hanoverian Association).

But whether medal or not, in the end everyone was celebrated. “The enthusiasm for each placement is simply overwhelming. It’s a competition, not a fight. It is a competition among friends, if necessary, the other competitor is helped without much ado. It is simply a community with the aim of doing justice to the friend horse. Here at these events, intensive friendships are established and a network is created all over the world”, Hendrik Fiegel, Chairman of the German Young Breeders, drew a largely positive balance. Fliegel/Hb