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Silver nanoparticles for protection when carrying antibiotics to the brain

In the fight against various dangerous bacteria and diseases caused by them, many researchers are focusing on the use of special nanoparticles with which you can improve the delivery of essential antibiotics to the blood and brain. And this is indeed a sensible step, because, for example, in dealing with such a dangerous brain amoeba as Naegleria fowleri, which is found in warm freshwater rivers, lakes and hot springs, and which can penetrate the human brain through the nose, it is necessary to be extremely effective. After all, this type of amoeba quickly infects and kills a person, gradually “eating” its brain and destroying the connection between blood and brain.
So, biologists from the University of Malaysia at Sanway University presented their new development to better combat such dangerous bacteria, which is a special structure of silver nanoparticles that act as a guarantor of additional protection for carrying antibiotics. It is known that amoeba Naegleria fowleri is extremely dangerous and most often leads to death in a person who has been infected with it – however, taking certain antibiotics may present a chance to get rid of it.

After conducting preliminary testing, biologists were able to find out that the most effective candidates for such a task are such medicinal compounds as diazepam, phenobarbitone and phenytoin, which are also quite widely found in medical practice. By combining them together with their special structure of silver nanoparticles, they managed to achieve a much more efficient and positive result in the fight against the aforementioned amoeba.
It is worth noting that, in general, the specialists' approach is based on the mass of previous studies, which in one way or another indicated the effectiveness and legitimacy of using nanoparticles as an additional protection – but in a new study, specialists also managed to overcome the natural barrier between blood vessels and brain, which resulted in a more effective method of treatment.


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