Silvia Pinal returns to the theater in a wheelchair and unleashes criticism in networks for her state of health

The first actress Silvia Pinal returned to the stage 91 years oldin the play Little Red Riding Hood What’s up with your granny!however, his return in Wheelchair sparked criticism on social media.

Internet users complained that, in her state of health, both her family and the producers risk her meeting the dates of this staging.

Without getting up, the actress received a standing ovation from those present at the New Silvia Pinal Theater, the venue where the work is presented.

Pinal would participate every Sunday, for three months, in the staging directed by Charles Ignatius and with the production of Ivan Cochegruswho also gives life to the big bad wolf.

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Given the criticism received, Cochegrus published a message in which he clarified the reason for the participation of the diva of the Mexican Golden Cinema.

The producer mentioned that it is a tribute to the actress, in addition to the fact that it is a dream for Pinal to receive the affection of the public again.

“This tribute in theater is his decision to be close to his audience. Those who do harm with their comments and lies, may God bless them”, concluded Cochegrus.

What was said about Silvia Pinal’s return to the stage?

Both members of the show business and Internet users criticized through social networks the deterioration of Silvia Pinal, who for years stayed away from cinema, television and theater.

Last year, the actress was infected and overcame a COVID-19 picture, however, she had previously faced other health problems.

Comedian Lalo Spain fHe was one of the detractors of Pinal’s return to the show.

“Terrible that they do this with Doña Silvia Pinal. Terrible What a pity! ”, She assured.

A few weeks ago, the daughter of the actress, Sylvia Pasquel, defended that her mother was part of the staging.

“When a person has been as vital as my mom, who has always worked and has always been active, would you let her sit all day watching television or would you give her the opportunity to be on stage receiving the love and applause of people? She is Mrs. Silvia Pinal, at no time are we going to allow my mother to be exposed, but as long as she has left, she will be happy, ”she said.