Similar to Rubicon Price Equivalent to Avanza? This car makes Suzuki Jimny panic, check the brand and price

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – The latest off-road car looks like the Rubicon, a serious challenger to the Suzuki Jimny.

As information circulated, this off-road car similar to the Rubicon was launched at the same price as the Avanza car.

In addition, the Rubicon twin off-road car also has a design that is no less cool than its competitor, the Suzuki Jimny.

Now, we will immediately discuss the specifications of the Rubicon-like car.

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Automotive friends, this Rubicon twin car besides having a price equivalent to the Avanza, this car is also equipped with a wild-powered engine.

Why this off-road car is called the Rubicon twin, it’s because of the same exterior design.

Now, here’s an explanation of the exterior, interior and kitchen runway of the Suzuki Jimny competitor.