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Simmons torches nets, says Dudley feud "done"

NEW YORK – With all-star man Joel Embiid, scratching late due to wounds on his left knee, Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown told point-watcher Ben Simmons on Thursday his "most dominant game" of his young career Thursday's 131: 115 win over the Brooklyn Nets.

Last season's rookie Simmons ended 31 points with 11 of 13 shots, 9 assists, 4 rebounds, 3 blocks and 2 steals. He followed a triple-double in Game 2, whose career in the playoff career was high in Game 3, to give Philadelphia a 2-1 lead in the first round.

Brown put Simmons free throws in the limelight as a sign of how much he was locked up. He started from 5 to 5 and went from 9 to 11 in total, where he was well above his average of 60 percent in the regular season.

"Ben was exceptional," Brown said. "They started trying to stain him, I think he had not missed a free throw at that point, and he missed them after deliberately fouling him, but then he made two more to follow.

"So, whether you're looking for self-confidence, body language, or a biological game, I'm giving Ben a tremendous amount of credit, we needed it all tonight, especially without Joel."

When Simmons and Nets came into play, Jared Dudley exchanged verbal barbs. Dudley said that Simmons was only "average" in semi-judicial situations. Simmons declined the remark and said, "It's from Jared Dudley. Come on."

Then, just hours before takeoff, a "missing" poster mocking Simmons nonexistent jump shot was posted on a road sign outside the Barclays Center. The poster jokingly offered a $ 26,620,450 reward for retrieving Simmons Shot – the amount of the Point Watch Rookie contract.

Of course, Brooklyn fans made Simmons the target of their anger, and relieved him when he touched the ball.



Ben Simmons and Jared Dudley distract questions about his beef, stressing that he "does not worry about it".

Simmons usually had his game talked. Although Dudley scored zero in 17 minutes with two rounds of 0-2, Simmons did not increase the word war after the game.

"I have no energy for it," Simmons said. It's done, people will say what they want to say, it's what it is, I just have to play. "

Even though Simmons had a few demonstrative gestures during the game – bending over after a break-in, hanging on the edge after another and giving Dudley a look – Dudley said he did not talk to the garbage.

"No, no joke," he said. "If you look at the entire quote – you may want to look at it, justify your game, or want to do what you want to do – would you rather guard it from the full court driving 100 miles per hour? Or would you rather go to the Be a hat? " I'm really confident when I'm wary of him, but you have to earn credit. He has played phenomenally. The whole team played phenomenally, and they deserve this victory. "

Simmons was excellent at the half-court on Thursday. He finished 9:11 in half court sentences (2-2 in transition) and distributed four of his nine assists, according to ESPN Stats & Info. His 85-percent field mark was the highest field goal percentage in a 30-point playoff in a Sixers player's playoff over the past 35 seasons. And the nets only shot 8:24 when Simmons was the first defender in Game 3.

Brown said Simmons's age is sometimes overlooked when his critics judge him.

"I think we forget he's 22 and we're talking about growing his jump and all that stuff," Brown said. "Everyone talks about it, and then you see how he comes out and does the free throws, and whether he's booed or anything else happens because of some degree of stupor, he's incredibly confident.

"He has done a tremendous amount of work apart from being damned good at gaining that privilege, I'm just so happy that he plays the way he played tonight, especially when you zoom in on the free throw line Free throws in the NBA playoffs and 31 points and more than the percentage he's done? I think he feeds on it, but it's not like he's beating his chest over it. "

Simmons appeared a little confident as he reported on the unpredictable future of the team, with Embiid missing Game 3 because of his aching knee.

"We have the parts to get games to complete games," Simmons said. "I think everyone in our organization knows that, it's about everyone going on and following the plan, the scouting report or whatever it is, it just has to be in what we have to do and that foundation shopping."



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