Simon Keizer shuts down from social media

Instead of focusing on his singing career, Simon Keizer is going to take a different tack. According to rumors, he will present a new program, where he will completely shut down from social media.

Simon has often been the talk of the town lately. Of course because of the break with Nick Schilder, but also because he would cheat on his wife Annemarie. Simon would have contact with several women behind her back.


The women said they met Simon through a cam site. ,,He is there regularly and tries to get in touch with ladies through there. A lady indicates that she has spotted him here years ago and another lady says that this was with her recently,” Juicechannel reported earlier.

But luckily for Simon, Annemarie doesn’t seem to believe any of these rumours. “The Volendam sources tell us that Annemarie says she takes Simon at his word about the cheat stories,” the channel wrote. “Still, they think that Annemarie somehow doubts his credibility and that the two of them have certainly had an argument about this.”

Shutdown from social media

Undoubtedly, Simon will have to prove himself and he seems to have already taken the first step. According to juice channel Realityfbi, he will present a new program where he will completely cut himself off from social media. It would be a program where Dutch celebrities have to entertain themselves for 24 hours without telephone and television.

“How the celebrities fill in those 24 hours is viewed by Simon from a distance,” the channel reports. “A pilot has already taken place.”

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