Simon Levy adds another scandal; woman accuses him of threats

Simon Levy, former undersecretary of Tourism during the current federal administration and now one of the most active defenders in social networks of the Fourth transformation, added a new scandal, after a video on social networks shows a woman who accuses him of threats and violence against her.

“I live in terror of Simon Levy, is a very aggressive person, very liar, very cowardly who throws the stone and hides his hand and that is believed, is what he says, protected by the high-level authorities, “says the woman, who asked for help from the head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum.

“He is always threatening me in every way, it is the reason that he and I made a contract, and he has broken the rules that he has to comply with. Every time I win a lawsuit he gets very aggressive and starts yelling that I am an old woman, that I am decrepit, that he is going to kill me, all the things that I do not want to keep repeating. I ask you to help me from woman to woman “, continues the woman in the video, uploaded in the account @MORENAPARTIDO.

“In social networks he passes as a very nice, correct person, who does nothing, but just turns around and is a double-sided person. I ask them to help me and I hold him responsible for my life. If something happens to me he is responsible “, the woman concludes her testimony.

But the video continues with the image of a furious man beating with his hands and kicking a door and some screams of a woman who asks to call the police. When the man approaches the camera, someone who appears to be Levy is seen.


Simon Levy is the same person who questioned the veracity of the photos that the journalist Lourdes Mendoza took last October 9 of the former director of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya, when he went to dinner at the Hunán restaurant, and even offered $ 500 – equivalent to $ 10,000 – in exchange for evidence that the columnist was also there.

These images turned the case of the former official upside down, showing that he was still living in freedom, without providing evidence to the case of alleged bribes to obtain the necessary votes for the energy reform, during the previous six-year term.

When President Andrés Manuel López Obrador condemned Lozoya’s conduct, Levy modified his conduct and also added to the condemnation.

“The really important thing is that a confessed criminal walks in a restaurant intentionally challenging and bragging. That is intolerable. Without a doubt. Full stop. You cannot disrespect good journalism and the great communicators of Mexico,” he wrote in his account @SimonLevyMX.


Levy was appointed undersecretary of Tourism in December 2018 and was one of the first federal officials to resign from the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. It did so in April 2019, although it remains true to the principles of the fourth transformation.

In an interview with the Who Magazine in August 2020, he affirmed that he submitted his resignation due to differences he had with the head of the Secretariat, Miguel Torruco, on the issue of giving free access to national beaches to all Mexicans, something the secretary opposed.

Levy has a website called where he boasts about his achievements as an entrepreneur. He affirms that his commitment to Mexico is to recover the middle classes.


During the administration of Miguel Ángel Mancera as head of Government, Levy was director of the Investment and Development Agency of Mexico City (PROCDMX).

While working on ProCDMX, promoted the Corredor Chapultepec project, which sought to make a commercial area on Avenida Chapultepec, appropriating the public space, and which was demolished due to the disagreement and mobilizations of neighborhood organizations.

The columnist Salvador Camarena published in El Financiero in December 2015 that Levy boasted in his career that he had brought the first Mexican company to Beijing, China. But that was denied by the former Mexican ambassador to the Asian country, Jorge Guajardo, who called the then director of ProCDMX “compulsive liar” and that they did not know him there.